3 Benefits of Golfing

While some may casually joke that golfing brings out their ability to swear, throw clubs to new distances, and want to pull their hair out, the reality is, for the overwhelming majority, golf is the type of activity that can help us reach our overall well-being in several ways.

Even those who already recognize the benefits of golf can always use an upgrade to their set of clubs, putters, or 3-wedge set . So as we explore the three benefits of incorporating golf into your life, keep in mind that it will also give you a reason to shop for some new golf gear. 

Health Benefits

Once you’re able to accept the fact that the PGA isn’t calling anytime soon, finding the peace and happiness that can come from some time in the outdoors does wonders to lower the stress and anxiety that we face in our daily lives.

If you are able to walk the golf course, take the time to enjoy the outdoors, listen to the sounds of the course, and enjoy the fresh air.  It will do wonders for your blood pressure and overall physical well-being.

When it comes to exercising a vast majority of the muscles in the human body, few things can compare to that of a golf swing and the low-impact nature of the game. The average golf swing engages the arms, legs, back, and abdomen. Between the muscle engagement and the walking, many consistent golfers can begin to see more toning and weight loss begin to occur.

Social Benefits

While it’s enjoyable at times to hit the links solo and find some inner peace that comes from the solace and tranquility of being the only person on the golf course, golf, by its nature, is meant to be shared with others. With time to talk in between swings, holes, or while walking along the fairway, golf provides many opportunities to engage in conversation with friends or family that other sports and activities are unable to provide.

Whether you choose to golf with friends or family, or just prefer to show up at the course and be joined with another group, golf can be a wonderful social activity and tool. Off the fairways, many courses have clubhouses, diners, bars, and restaurants that bring more opportunity to talk about all things golf and everyday life.

Mental Benefits

There’s a special feeling about being able to smile while watching a ball soar into a water hazard or out of bounds. That ability to smile through the rough shots can be credited to, when approached properly, golf’s ability to bring a mental clarity and calmness from being outside in the fresh air and amongst the freshly cut grass.

Along with giving you a calming environment to mentally escape from the world’s troubles, golf is also a magnificent tool for sharpening the psyche of its players by keeping the mind alert and allowing for socialization with others.

No matter what your skill level is, when you find yourself on the golf course, you will benefit physically, socially, and mentally as you make your way through the links. Whether or not you choose to keep score or just enjoy the time outside, golf is a unique chance for introspection, competition, and mind-clearing enjoyment.


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