Five Simple Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism


1. Get regular exercise

Regular physical activity will help you speed up your metabolism and keep it at an elevated level, even after exercising. It’s easy to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, simply by walking to the store instead of driving, cycling to work and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
Water to speed up metabolism

2. Get enough sleep

Research shows that lack of sleep negatively affects the way our body metabolizes carbohydrates. Aim to get six to eight hours of sleep per night.

3. Drink water

Drinking 500 ml of water can speed your metabolism up for half an hour. Try drinking a glass of wafer before and after each meal. Aim to drink two liters of water per day.

4. Eat small, regular meals

Aim to eat something small every 2-3 hours you are awake. Even if it’s just a small piece of fruit, it will prevent your body from going into a “starvation” mode, in which your body will hold onto the existing fat supply and burn muscle instead.

5. Drink green tea

Drinking green tea at morning slightly rises metabolic rates and speed up the oxidation of unhealthy fats. Green tea has other healthy benefits too, it’s full of antioxidants which can help protecting the body from disease.

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  1. KCB GUPTA says

    A word for Indian readers of this blog!. Many people try to fit into their routines fruits and vegetables of imported vereity. It costs more and can only be sourced from big super markets. It is not necessary. Local vereities are good enough. Mother nature provides us with enough. A bit of research would be necessary. If not, consult a good dietecian.

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