Food for Fitness: How to eat for maximum performance – 4th Edition

food for fitnessBook review: Food for Fitness: How to eat for maximum performance is the ultimate resource for anyone who is serious about sport or fitness. Along with trustworthy advice and up to the minute research, clearly explained and tailored to your needs, Food for Fitness contains an essential recipe section filled with sixty five easy to follow meal ideas to help you put the advice into practice.

  1. Find out what to eat and drink to stay fueled and hydrated.
  2. Learn the best times to eat to prepare for exercise, and what to eat to maximize recovery after exercising.
  3. Discover specific strategies to aid fat loss and prioritize muscle gain
  4. Get the performance edge and learn how to eat to win during competitions.

What’s new in this 4th edition ?

  1. Include the very latest nutrition research for exercise and and performance
  2. Easy, delicious and nutritious recipes and snacks and helpful new menu plans.

Bibliographical data of Food for Fitness 4th Edition

  •  Author: Anita Bean
  • Year : 2014
  • Title: Food for Fitness
  • Place Published: London, UK
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Sport
  • Number of Pages: 272
  • Edition: 4th Edition
  • ISBN: 9781472901996
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