Gerson Diet by Max Gerson and Charlotte Gerson

Gerson Meal
Gerson Therapy’s Meal (Image Courtesy: Gerson Institute)

Are you getting sick lately? Have you been feeling stressed due to lack of nutrients in your body? Today, many people are already experiencing sickness, stress and uncomfortable feeling in their body due to lack of nutrients that they should take. There are a lot of diets that has been spreading around the world that people can try on but what would really be the one that that can help you have a healthy life? Gerson Diet or Gerson Therapy as to what others know is composed of a diet that is purely vegetarian, coffee enemas and mostly intake of fruit juices that can be a good source of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein. This diet is also used for a nutritional treatment for those who has life-threatening sickness as well as to those who has cancer.


History of Gerson Diet

Gerson Therapy was introduced by a German doctor named Max Gerson in the 1930’s and said to have made this kind of program to treat his own headaches and then years after he also used this therapy to treat other illness like tuberculosis and cancer. When Max Gerson died his daughter, Charlotte Gerson continued his work in making this diet possible to everyone by writing books, giving lectures and providing lessons to those who are in the health care field as well as to patients who suffers from illnesses.

Benefits of taking Gerson Diet

The Gerson Diet is said to have a lot of beneficial factors that can supplement your body needs. In taking a wide variety of vegetables and glasses of fruit juice as well as taking coffee enemas helps in cleansing and detoxifying your body from different toxins that you get. Another factor that you can benefit from taking this diet is to have a better immune system that can prevent you from having other diseases such as Cancer.

Most popular promoters of Gerson Diet in US

There are a few people who promote the Gerson Diet and one of them is Vance Ferell who is a writer and a big influencer to the Christian community wrote the book about the Gerson Diet emphasizes the positivity of having this diet for a better health especially to those who have cancer. He clearly mentioned the wonders of taking this diet from the food that should be taken up to the forbidden foods that should not eat as well as the schedule that should be followed.

Precautions and Warnings for Gerson Diet

This diet can be a good maintenance to your daily life; however, there are also precautions that should be observed if you want to dedicate yourself into dealing with this kind of diet. You cannot start this diet if you are suffering from conditions such as Diabetes, if you are under chemotherapy or if you have kidney damage. When you are in this diet you can also loss of appetite, have dizziness, cold sores, vomiting, fever, nausea and weakness. Overall, Gerson diet is healthy but you have to balance your food intake to be able to achieve it and not just leave yourself taking just a glass of juice or just a bite of potato.

Do you know anyone who is using the Gerson Diet? Has this diet worked for them or for you? Let us know your thoughts about this diet and your concerns.

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