High Dose Vitamin Therapy – Boost Your Body’s Defense Mechanism

high dose vitamin C therapy
Image: High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

High Dose Vitamin Therapy is a method that uses a large amount of vitamins, this involves taking vitamins that is given to the patient which is more than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) to be able to prevent or treat illnesses and diseases. This therapy is also used by medical practitioners as an alternative medicine because there are certain conditions that respond to high dosage of vitamins. Nutrients is useful in preventing and treating some illnesses and diseases, but the conclusion of medical research that treat through High Dose Vitamin Therapy is still not stable and lacks evidence. Many say that taking vitamins more than what is prescribed by your doctor will only risk you from having a high toxicity in your body. It was believed that vitamins only support the body with doses in normal range. At some point, not all supplements can be very helpful to you but other may not. It was believed that every supplement has its role in the human body. It is always best to be aware of when and how to use it.


Information that you should take note about Vitamins

  • Vitamin C is used in health promotion and it can prevent illnesses and diseases.
  • Vitamin can be used to help in reducing cellular DNA damage which is a vital step in eliminating the inflammatory changes that allow a cancer cell to grow into a tumor.
  • Vitamins can be a good source in cleaning your lungs caused by smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • This can also help you in shortening the duration of serious respiratory condition like asthma.
  • Supplements can also help in avoiding the risk of an individual from having gastric cancer.
  • This can be a factor in reducing the risk of having heart disease.

Origin of High Dose Vitamin Therapy

High Dose Vitamin Therapy started way back in year 1930’s when psychiatrists began prescribing high dosage of supplemental nutrients to treat patients who are suffering from a severe mental condition. After a few years, vitamins and minerals were added to several treatments. Linus Pauling, a Biochemist in profession promoted that the use of a high dosage supplement can be a good treatment for high cholesterol. In year 1954, there was an immediate release of high niacin (Vitamin B3) to treat hypercholesterolemia initially conducted by Altschul and Hoffer.

Uses of High Dose Vitamin Therapy

High Dose Vitamin Therapy is commonly used to reduce serum uric acid levels and may also be helpful in the prevention of gout. This is also used in treating infections as well as fatigues. This therapy is also used to protect your immune system, and boost it as well. With this therapy you can also avoid cardiovascular health issues, prenatal health condition as well as eye disease and skin issues.

Also used for

It was said that the high dose vitamin therapy was used for over 50 years to treat or prevent cancer. On another note, because of the high dose of vitamins, the body generates immune system to fight diseases and infections.

Precautions taking High Dose Vitamin Therapy

Despite of its good effect in body, there are precautions that you should also be aware of. Even though the body can tolerate the effect of a high dose vitamin, there are also times that you may experience negative side effects like diarrhea or stomach irritation. Other side effects also include increase in oxalate excretion and kidney stones as well as increase in uric acid. It is highly recommended that you should take a high dose vitamin therapy consulting your physician.

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