Is Milk Good For Your Health?

There exist a lot of debates in the medical field concerning some of foods we take and the exact effect they have on us in the long term. Milk is a dairy product which is well known for its rich content in calcium. From the tender age, milk intake is highly advised and when it comes to adults, health authorities’ advice we consume at least three glasses of milk daily.

Debate arise why most osteoporosis cases are highly reported in countries that indicate high consumption of milk. This disease affect the bones where they continue to deteriorate with time losing both mass as well as minerals over time. It’s more prevalent in women especially after menopause stage. It increases the potential of bone fracture which can diminish the quality of life.

However, that does not rule out the importance of milk in maintaining our health wellbeing. Milk strengthen our bones which consequently act as reservoirs for calcium. When one reduce calcium intake this reservoirs are used for immediate survival. Another way that calcium is lost is through urine which means that if your dietary intake fail to compensate that which is lost, the bones will eventually become porous and break easily.

Old people are more victims of calcium deficiency as the body generally degenerate. Their calcium reservoirs are highly used and a point comes where they need other support to enable them walk due to weakness.

The debate on osteoporosis argue that this dairy product also contain high protein content which is associated with this disease. Protein when digestedincreases the level of acidity in the body. Calcium which is basic is pulled from reservoirs to neutralize this acidic effect. However just for clarification this theory is not scientifically proved but is mostly used by vegans who rely on mare observation.

Milk contain additional nutritious content such as phosphorus, vitamin K2 in addition to calcium and protein. At tender age milk leads to increased bone growth which make them grow in height. As one gets to adult stage, calcium help in reducing the rate at which bones are lost making them more compact in the process. At old age, the density continue to increases minimizing the risk of fractures. All this is backed by scientific proof conducted on randomized age groups all over the globe.

Other foods which act as supplement for calcium includes leafy greens and fish. This calcium content is very important for bone recovery from fractures, teeth development which ensure that they are also strong. Use of chemical supplement form drug store is however discouraged as study show they increases the potential of cardio attacks.

From the whole article it’s clear that calcium play a fundamental role in maintaining bone strength. However it doesn’t stop there as bone health is a quite complex issue, combining multiple of lifestyle related factors. This means that one practice resistance physical exercise, get adequate vitamin Magnesium and plenty proteins.

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