Reviews On Whether A Nutritional Supplement Is Necessary

Do Americans gain their requirement for nutrients through their regular meal intake? There is a debate here, and many feel that there is a large portion of the population suffering from nutrients deficiency due to not only poor dietary habits but other factors that contribute to the low levels. 

One fact that stands out, many households are on hectic work/ school schedules with a tight family schedule and little time to prepare proper meals. In many instances, this results in grabbing fast food on the way home is contributing to poor diets regularly. Regular consumption of unhealthy foods causes medical practitioners to recommend the best supplements to take as a means to build up the nutrients for which their bodies are deprived.

Even if you have changed your diet to more wholesome foods and participating in an active lifestyle, it may not necessarily be enough to make a dramatic impact on your health. The thing is for those who do everything the right way and are conscientious about the way they eat; you still frequently aren’t encompassing all that you need nutritionally. While a whole food diet is supposed to give you all you need for the ultimate in health, there is a list of environmental and lifestyle problems that make the result much more challenging than it was for those before us.

Do Americans gain their requirement for nutrients through their regular meal intake?

Even in the fishing and farming industries, the production methods are drastically modified where our ancestors’ harvests would embody the critical nutrients comprising the soil and ocean, which would, in turn, nourish everyone to the fullest extent. In our modern-day, the intensive farming techniques and the lifestyles we lead today with urban environments allot for most of the reasons supplements are necessary to promote a healthier self.

Why There Is A Need For Taking Nutritional Supplements 

In today’s world, nutritional supplements have proven necessary to assist in maintaining our overall health and well being. They have supported not only the potential prevention but possible treatment of ailments such as arthritis, high cholesterol, certain cancers, and congenital disabilities. A profound change has taken place in the world since the farmers of days gone long ago and those of today, and how this influences the need for us to partake in supplement consumption.

  • A massive portion of land throughout the world has been farmed intensively to the point where the nutrients have not been allowed to replenish the soil naturally. There are also areas being cultivated with the land of low quality where plants don’t have the opportunity to grow properly.
  • Many hybrid crops are often being utilized even on those farms deemed as organic that yields much more food on the acre, but the crops are going to have lesser nutrients in the content. This is not something that happened in days gone by. It may be whole organic, but it comprises fewer nutrients making us deficient and in need of supplements.
  • Today we use superphosphate fertilizer in place of manure which was used in the day of our grandparents. These lack the same nutrients naturally contained in manure instead comprising only potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Why did we stop using manure? It’s unclear why something that was working so well all those years ago and provided us with the nutrients that we need in our foods would be stopped in favor of something that favorable for our health.
  • We use a plethora of herbicides and pesticides that are detrimental to the soil and the microorganisms, which reduces the nutrition for the crops. When soil organisms are lacking to make minerals, and other nutrients for the plants, the food that results has fewer nutrients not to mention the fact that our bodies need more nutrients to process the pesticide residue that stays in the food.
  • Food nutrition decreases the longer time it takes for it to be taken to its destination. When it is harvested, its level of particular nutrients starts to diminish immediately, meaning the weeks from the time it is picked to the point of transportation, packing, storage, and finally to the stage of eating, the nutrients are lost.
  • Stress has the potential to deplete nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, as well as digestive strength. It can reduce the absorption of nutrients and utilization. These are not always external factors. But the idea is to try to decrease the stressors inhibiting us.  When that’s not possible, supplements will need to be added to the diet to make up for where the deficiencies may be. 

Micronutrients are a significant component of our overall health. The number of micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins that we have in our bodies is not quite as substantial as the macronutrients like the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Still, the influence that they have on human wellness is enormous. In the perfect place, no one would need to worry about supplementing the vitamins and minerals to enhance their health, but in the modern world, this is the case. 

You must consult with a medical provider before you start any program to avoid drug interactions or conflicts with any medical conditions for which you may be suffering. We are not fortunate enough to be in the same circumstances as the world was with our ancestors, but fortunately, supplements may assist in keeping us healthy.

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