How to Manage issues Experienced during Premenopausal Age

Premenopause (perimenopause)  is the period between 30 – 50 in which some women start experiencing symptoms of menopause. Some women begin to experience these symptoms from as early as 30 years old. Many women who have reached this milestone in their lives find it very frightening and will experience some challenges dealing with these new symptoms.

Symptoms of Premenopause

Because menopause is generally caused by a decline in the level of hormones in the body, it is safe to say this is the first thing the doctor will check. The hormone which is generally declining is estrogen. This comes with symptoms of irritability, hot flashes, lack of sleep or insomnia, depression, weight gain, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, vaginal dryness and the symptom that is very noticeable is irregular periods or lack of a period. Your period goes missing for as long as 6-12 months, then you begin to notice other factors that are related to premenopause.

perimenopause symptoms

Reasons of Premenopause

  1. Some doctors attribute premenopause to a genetic relation. They have decided through research that as many as 60% of women will experience premenopausal symptoms like older women in their family.
  2. The other medical cause for the reality is, some women have a shorter life span of egg producing Cells which are responsible for the estrogen production. Lack of estrogen will certainly bring on the symptoms of premenopause.
  3. Environmental factors have also been considered for this phenomenon. However, scientists are still not able to fully connect the two.
  4. Emotional and nutritional factors are also other aspects of early menopause. Nutritional, because having a poor diet will slow or retard normal body processes. Emotionally the stress level will cause some women’s bodies to go into some state of arrest, causing the estrogen levels to fall. Stress has been known to stop a woman’s period for months at a time.
  5. Medical issues can bring on early menopause. Some chemotherapy and radiation medications can cause the onset of premenopause.

Mangement of Premenopausal Symptoms

Because absence and lack of regulation of these hormones are the cause of premenopause, the need for balance has to be returned.

  1. The nutritional aspect of the diet must be regulated. This is done with a combination of dietary supplements, nutritional supplements and foods rich in whole grains, iron, and multivitamins.
  2. Herbal therapy is also a good way to regulate the body. This is done by being treated by a good herbalist who is able to advice on the right herbs that is needed to replace needed hormones. For many people because of “going green”, this may be more tolerable than taking manufactured supplements.
  3. Lifestyle changes to relieve stressors are also recommended. Maybe the job you are in has some contributing factors, some decision need to be made.
  4. This change in life has caused many stresses to women who have experienced the onset of premenopause. Being proactive in dealing with these issues will slow or even correct the situation, thus delaying the inevitable for some years in the future.
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