Obesity and Diabetes Connection

Obesity and diabetes are known to be correlated and both diseases had made records all over the world in drastic increase of patients being diagnosed over the years. Medical treatments and interventions are usually given but the most important point to prevention and cure is actually a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is declared to be a worldwide dilemma of any race and it has affected patients both in social and personal aspects of life. Moreover, obese people are also considered malnourished due to some nutrient deficiencies.

If diabetes and obesity are both present in your system, you need to keep in mind that you have to double your effort in battling with both. Here are some basic facts that you need to know:


Types of diabetes

  1. Type 1 Diabetes is usually diagnosed during childhood or adolescent stage. It is a condition wherein the body is unable to produce enough insulin therefore resulting to high sugar levels
  2. Type 2 Diabetes is a condition when there is presence of insulin but the body is unable to use it to control blood sugar levels. It is usually affected by inactive lifestyle and stress. This is also the type of diabetes that results to obesity, stroke, kidney failure and other heart problems.

Connection of obesity and diabetes

The relationship of these two medical conditions is actually excess weight because when a person is overweight, the body is not unable to use insulin. Obese people are developing diabetes as a complication. According to a study, incretin is responsible in the regulation of insulin. If the pancreas fails, incretin is also affected resulting to disturbed function leading to diabetes.

Obesity defined

Obesity is not simply defined as “being too fat”. It is something serious because it implies excessive collection of fats in the body which is life-threatening. There are a lot of contributing factors other than genetics like stress, lifestyle, eating habits, hormones, physical activities and some diseases.

Now-a-days, it is disturbing that there is a high percentage of childhood obesity and because it runs in their genes, the child tends to have sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy meals. The social attribute of the child is also affected because obese children are also sometimes being teased by others resulting to low self-esteem.

Managing the situation

It is not a secret that your behavior and discipline are the key points to a healthy life. Obesity and diabetes needs your full cooperation and dedication in eliminating contributing factors. Moreover, bariatric surgeons with the help of technology and science have introduced Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. It is a major operation where they staple and remove 2/3 of your stomach to lower down quantity of food intake and cut off 80% of hunger-inducing hormones. It is said to be deducting 70%-75% of your excess weight in a year.

In case you opt to deal with diabetes and obesity the traditional way, here are also tips that you can actually keep in mind.

  1. Eating is not a sin but doing it in excess is dangerous. While observing a healthy diet the whole week, you can reward yourself for being faithful by eating whatever you want on a weekend. This way, you won’t get bored on dieting.
  2. Exercise at least 45 minutes, twice a week. Working out everyday can add stress to your life so do it on days which are convenient to you.
  3. Maintain a high fluid intake. When I say this, I mean high water intake. Avoid beverages which are rich in sugar.
  4. Avoid stress. Do activities that can keep your positive vibes always.
  5. Never forget to have regular examinations with your doctor. Record your activities and food if you can and keep him updated with drastic weight changes.

Remember that your health is your responsibility.  Always keep a track of important points on how you can deal with diseases like obesity and diabetes. Wellness is within your hands.

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