Paleo Diet: An introduction

Did you ever wonder as how it would fee to live during the prehistoric time? Did you ever realized that during ancient time food is limited to just meat whereas growing fruits and vegetables are not that much. Paleo diet which is also known as the Paleolithic diet introduces a modern diet that promotes eating a variety of meat (protein) and other source of animal product. This will make you feel like you are living from the past because you are compared to a hunter or a caveman that used their skills in hunting to gather for food such as animal meat, fish, nuts, grains. But the question is, when and how did this diet was formed?


Origin of Paleo Diet

Paleolithic era is where the “Paleo” diet was derived that ended for about 2 million year ago. It was believed that during this time, animals are at their healthiest and this also can be observed from people who live during this time as they get their source of food most of the time from the animals. The Paleo diet is said to have taken from the nutrition facts that helped man survived wherein preservatives are not used and mainly just live by eating crops and animals. Due to drastic evolution that man experienced, the quality of food was also affected and can also be a cause of illnesses and diseases in man.

What are the benefits of Paleo Diet?

If you are decided to engage in making Paleo diet a part of your lifestyle, you can get a lot of benefits from it such as having more lean muscles with less fat since most of your diet will be composed of protein. You can also get vitamins and minerals because you will still get the chance of eating vegetables in this diet. Another benefit is you will feel more energetic and healthy. Another good benefit is you will mainly prevent yourself from having all kinds of diseases because you will not get into eating foods that has preservatives.

Most popular promoter of this diet in the USA

Many athletes all over the world are now into this diet and one of them is Grant hill who is a famous NBA basketball star during his time. Even if he is not young anymore he still moves like he is in his young age and this is because of his lifestyle of taking Paleo Diet. Another promoter of this diet is the very slender Uma Thurman who is the lead star of “Kill Bill”. Being able to live in a Paleo lifestyle, she was able to portray that needs full action and energy. Who would have thought that the “Transformers” leading lady Megan fox also follows a strict Paleo diet that made her get back her slender body after giving birth.

Precautions taking Paleo Diet

Apart from having advantages of taking Paleo diet, it can also have a disadvantage that is why you need to take precautions if you want this to be part of your lifestyle. When you dedicate yourself into this diet you may end up being low in carbohydrates because most the time you just get this nutrient from eating grains or fruits but it may not be enough to support your body needs. Another thing is, you may not intake enough calcium because you have eliminated dairy products in your diet and this may not be good in maintaining your bones at its good condition. Having a  high protein may also be noted as a warning for people who observe this diet because having a very high diet with low carbohydrate intake will not be good to your body system as time goes by.

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