Quick Tips to Control Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the top diseases that affected many people all over the world. It is an insulin disorder in the body that can lead to many complications including death when left untreated. There are risk factors that contribute to catching diabetes like age, obesity, family history and unhealthy lifestyle and there are two common types of diabetes which will be discussed below.


i. Type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes

10-15% of patients diagnosed with diabetes have this type. Their bodies are unable to produce insulin because its immune system is destroying the beta cells from the pancreas. Insulin therapy is a lifetime treatment but exercise and healthy diet can also help control blood sugar level and prevent further complications. The patient usually receives injection of insulin everyday but the dose may still vary. However, the treatment he is receiving should not obstruct to his daily routines.

ii. Type 2 or late-onset diabetes

This type is seen in 85-90% of patients with diabetes. It is called the late-onset diabetes because symptoms appear at late stages in life. It is highly genetic but is triggered with unhealthy risk factors like obesity, high calorie and sugar diet and sedentary lifestyle. In this condition, the body has insulin but is unable to use it to control blood sugar levels. They are at higher risks for cardiovascular diseases. The treatment for type 2 diabetes includes oral medication, healthy food and lifestyle however, insulin may be required to some patients but the dose may depend on the status of glucose level.

Given the above facts, we have come up to some quick points on how you can control diabetes.

1. Regular exercise

Committing yourself to working out will give you numerous benefits. It will not only decrease your weight but will also help you control your blood sugar and blood pressure.

2. High fiber diet

Fruits, vegetables, whole grain and nuts that are high in fiber will help you feel full without eating too much. This way, you are inhibiting yourself from taking too much carbohydrates and calories resulting to a controlled blood sugar level and lesser risks of cardiovascular diseases and other complications.

3. Cut excess weight off

This is the most challenging part to everybody but always remind yourself that a kilo lost may be very beneficial to your life. Stop your sedentary lifestyle because the first person that can help you deal with diabetes is yourself.

4. Choose healthy

In trying to lose weight, low carbohydrates diet is not the ideal solution. Yes, it may help you lose some but it has nothing to do actually with controlling your blood sugar. Choose wisely and pick only foods that are proven to be essentially healthy.

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