Raw till 4 – stay Lean, Clean and even Disease free

Have you ever wondered on how you can live by just eating a bunch of fruits such as bananas, orange or watermelon? Fruit diet is now being rampant in many countries lately and this is because of the benefits that you can have. Most fruits are low fat that can be ideal in weight loss. This can also promote good health and you can gain more vitamins and minerals. A few iconic websites such as the Raw til 4, Freelee the Banana Girl and the Durian Rider are now trending in the social media and are spreading the good in eating just fruits.


History of Raw till 4

Eating mainly a variety of fruits in their diet started from way back 1800’s but it just made its trend lately through a form of social media. These websites are now making a scene in the internet and they make sure that the information that they spread out is really helpful. Raw til 4 is a diet that introduces eating raw which means more of “Fruit Eating” until 4 in the afternoon only and the after that you can go ahead and eat other healthy food but meat is not included or other oily food. Another fruit eating promoter website that started in 2013 is Freelee the Banana Girl, this diet promotes to just eating 95 percent of calories are from fruits, 5 percent from greens, seeds and nuts. You should also make sure that you drink at least 3 liters of water or more a day for this diet to work on you as well as sleep at least 9 hours a day. Lastly, the Durian Rider who also promotes eating raw foods and the benefits of having a healthier life.

Benefits of Raw till 4

All these promoters share the same agenda and that is to promote the benefits of eating a big amount of fruits. Following this diet can improve your energy and may engaged you to do a regular exercise, it can improve your digestion and bowel movement, this can also help in improving your mental thinking, you will also have clearer and smoother skin, as well as overcome the risk of experience fatigue.

Most famous promoters of Raw till 4 in the USA

You may be thinking if there are people who actually is engaged in doing this fruit diet, believe me that there are a lot them out there. Some of them are even famous people like Anne Hathaway who only eat fruits just to stay fit for a role in a movie. She needed an extreme detoxification diet and an intense work out to achieve her desired body weight. Another beautiful model named Miranda Kerr is also on a diet that is mostly eating fruits says she incorporates her diet in doing regular exercise and would always want to have a healthy lifestyle. Ever wonder why the late Steve Jobs used apple as a logo of the famous Apple Company? Yes, because he loves to eat fruits and he also takes this as a part of his diet.

Precautions of Raw till 4

Being able to eat a big amount of fruits may not be all positive; there are also side effects that you should be aware of. Think about having 30 bananas a day for a week? To some people, the effect is they get stomach pain, low blood pressure, experience nervousness as well as low in iron. We all need a balanced diet, and to some people, eating of just only fruits may not be good for them.

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