Top 10 Health Tips For Children at School

When growing children are in the ever learning process and it is important to instill healthy habits from as early as now. Children pick on habits very fast whether good or bad they watch and copy.

So here are some health tips that your kids can learn from you.

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    Eat colorful meals

Incorporating different food colors in a diet has different health benefits and is fun. Slowly by slowly explain to your kids the importance of colorful foods and the nutritional value they hold. Use different fruits and vegetables for the food to be colorful.

  1. Breakfast is an important meal of the day

Kids need to learn that all meals are important including breakfast. Breakfast should be highly healthy to ensure a kick start of the energy levels and brain and prevent chronic diseases. High fiber breakfast will reduce risks of heart diseases and diabetes later in life.

  1. Encourage physical activities

In this digital world almost all activities can be gotten from the comfort of the couch. But encourage physical activities which are enjoyable for kids to undertake from time to time. If they are not good in sports try swimming, walking or gymnastics.

  1. Get your kid off the couch

Sitting to watch television more than two hours daily has its risks in children. Their school performance can be impaired, difficulties in social and emotional behaviors, irregular sleep and obesity.

  1. Daily reading routine

Strong reading skills should be developed early in life for success in school and later at work. Make reading a routine for your child from early as 6 months.

  1. Drink water

It is hard for a child to understand why they should take water instead of soda; Water is healthy and is important in the body. Instill the habit of taking water in them as early, in their childhood, as possible.

  1. They should learn to look at the labels

Teach the children that a food pack contains vital nutrition information. For starters teach them how to look at the number of calories, grams of sugar and saturated fats in a serving.

  1.  Enjoy family meals

Family meal, for example dinner, will create strong family bonds and kids will enjoy such meals and are less likely to be overweight or abuse drugs. They will discuss of life issues disturbing them and parents can monitor their kids.

  1. Encourage friendships

School aged children should be encouraged to have and maintain friends. Friends help a child learn valuable social skills which include cooperation, problem solving and communication.

  1. Stay positive

Kids are discouraged easily especially when things do not go as expected. There are benefits of positive thinking and kids should learn from them. Self-esteem is easily developed when kids have a positive mindset boost it by praising their success and encouraging them through their failures. Teach a child that no matter the challenge, he or she is loved, is unique and is capable of tackling the challenge they face.

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