Top Disorders that are Brought about by Stress

Stress is one of those things that one can say are bitter-sweet. You could be wondering why sweet. Many of us consider stress to be a bad thing in our lives. We most prefer activities and entertain thoughts that are not stressful. However, stress if well managed can propel your life to places you never thought you could achieve.

Through stress, we can make that what we need and push ourselves above our limits. We rarely recognize when we are under pressure. If our bodies are subjected to severe levels of stress continually, it could lead to adverse disorders in our lives.

Through stress, our hearts beat faster resulting in a fast blood flow in our veins. Doctors and researchers have found that people who are continuously exposed to stress have a high likelihood to have a heart attack. The theory behind this is yet to be proven.

Heart diseases are known to be a severe and high percentage of fatalities. People under stress also tend to smoke a lot. This finally leads to the complications brought by smoking, one which is heart diseases.

Once subjected to stress individuals could start eating a lot. They are not likely to notice it. However, after a period this starts to reflect in their body size. If this continues and is not addressed, they eventually become obese.

Through stress, our bodies produce a lot of hormone cortisol. This results in a lot of fat being deposited in our abdomen. This can be fatal at times and also leads to various other disorders. Some obese patients have even committed suicide due to the trauma that comes with obesity.

Many people think that stress causes ulcers. This is not a fact; however, stress can make ulcers worse.

Through gastrointestinal problems, an individual with ulcers suffers more than one who has ulcers and is not prone to stress. Stress has also been observed in patients with other GI conditions. These GI conditions include; chronic heartburn also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, and also in irritable bowel syndrome.

An individual who has been subjected to a lot of stress in their life is more likely to age faster and could also die prematurely. A research observed two kinds of mothers. One was those caring for chronically ill children while the other lived a normal life.

The study found a section of their chromosomes to be aging. Stress was found to accelerate aging by 9-17 additional years while people subjected to pressure like caregivers have a 63% chance of death when compared to those who are not in stressful careers like caregivers.

One needs always to be aware of their emotions. Our nerves system is not able to tell when we are faced with doing or die instances or when we have minor stress like unpaid bills.

These moments of stress could lead to the mentioned disorders. Seeking help from specialists is highly recommended whenever faced with a life challenge. The faster you can have an issue in your life sorted, the better.

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