Visualization – Technique used by Winners in all Walks of Life

Visualization is a scientific method of how you interpret different things and creating the most out of what you want in your life like being a successful businessman, have a new house or maybe having a good relationship with the people around you. This will also focus on imagining and creating what we want in our life. Visualization is not the same as daydreaming; they are two different things. Visualization is said to be done by the first person and at a present tense whereas daydreaming is done in the third person and at the futures tense.


What are the different levels of Visualization?

There are three stages that you can refer to and these are:

  1. Stage 1 is the Dissociated Visualization: This is a level of Visualization where you play the role of being the third person and you can see all the movements that you are doing. This visualization tends you to know on how you can control all your movement and the next thing that you do. Imagine watching yourself like you are an actor or an actress in the movies.
  2. Stage 2 is the associated Visualization: This is a level where you will experience seeing things from a first person point of view. All that is happening will be experienced by the subject.
  3. Stage 3 is the Intensified Associated Visualization: This is a level where we level up the person feeling. It is like tubing up the person to be at his or her highest peak of motivation.

History of Visualization

The early visualizations was said to be from way back in 600 BC. Early people during this time drew the early Babylonian map on clay. Later visualizations were used more often for sharing information to other people. The emphasis of the study of visualization started in the year 1987 with the use of special computer graphics on visualizing.

Most common uses of Visualization

Visualization is commonly used to make an individual focused on their goals in life and how to be able to achieve it. This is also used to create a more vivid picture of you on being a successful and thinking of the process of how you have done it. This is also used to trick your subconscious mind by telling yourself that you will be successful in the near future. Visualization is also used to boost your confidence. The more confident you are, the more possible opportunities that you will see. Another use of this is to have a positive outlook in life; this is also called as the food for the soul because this replaces the fear with fun and the negative vibes with positive vibes. Visualization also promotes that you will definitely have the higher quality of ideas and thoughts.

Also used for

Many say that visualization is also used to relax and calm the mind in a deep way. It will also help you to be more focused and improve you as a decision maker.

Precautions of Visualization

Visualization is a good effect to your brain as this can promote positivity in life; however, there are also things that you should consider. Not all the time visualization could give you the success that you really wanted. It is always best that you make out the best of everything that you. There is no replacing for the word “Hard work”, “Patience” and “Practice”. But if you give all your efforts together with a positive outlook, all your goals will be easy to reach.

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