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Why should We Eat Onions?

Nutritional value of Onion: 1 cup of chopped onions contains 60 calories and 0 g of fat. They also contain…


Is Diabetes Curable?

Over 4 million UK residents suffer from diabetes. According to the "Global Report on Diabetes" published by the…

What is Diabetic Coma?

Being diagnosed with diabetes and no control of your blood glucose or blood sugar levels can be dangerous.…
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Sweet Potato Nutritional Value

Nutritional value of Sweet Potato: 1 cup of mashed sweet potatoes contains 200 calories, 0 fat and ample fiber.…

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3 Benefits of Golfing

While some may casually joke that golfing brings out their ability to swear, throw clubs to new distances, and want to pull their hair out, the reality is, for the overwhelming majority, golf is the type of activity that can help us reach

All About Green Tea

Green tea offers countless medical advantages to our body. It is produced using the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and not at all like the dark or oolong tea, isn't oxidized. Green tea is famous around the globe as probably the most