9 Advantages that Leather Shoes have over Synthetic Shoes

Leather shoes carry immense health benefit which we can’t expect from other shoes.

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes. – Christian Louboutin

A pair of shoes reveals a lot about one’s personality. Shoes are simultaneously a need to wear, and a very important fashion object. Besides fashion value, the issue of comfort is also taken very seriously. That’s why leather shoes became popular from the ancient time. Though leather shoes are a bit costly than that of other materials, it offers immense benefits.

Because of the benefits the leather shoes provide, we should consider put on leather shoes or at least leather sole shoes at most of the times. Now we will see what benefits leather shoes actually offer.



Leather shoes are comfortable than any other type of shoes. When your shoes are made with synthetic or other materials, air can’t pass through the materials.  Thus your feet get locked into the shoes. On the other hand, as lather let air to enter the shoes, it keeps your feet cool and prevents the feet from sweating. Actually, leather gives proper support and most comfort to your feet.

Durable and sturdy

Modern shoe-making technology made the leather shoes very durable and sturdy. A pair of leather shoes lasts more than two to three pair of other shoes. For this reason, it is actually cheaper than other shoes.


Leather shoes look beautiful and stylish. The leather shoes are made of sleek and shiny materials. That’s why; it seems to be very modern and unique. There are different types of color available in the market. So you can easily select the right match with your dress.When it matches the shape, it helps to cover your feet very beautifully. Actually, leather shoes are always considered stylish aristocrat footwear.

Water Resistant                                 

Leather shoes have a water resistance power. It can help in keeping your feet dry, whether you are working at home or outside. Leather is good for health because its shoe would keep your feet dry and warm in cold weather.


The leather shoes are eco-friendly than any other type of shoes because it is not made from any harmful synthetic material. Rather, leather is made from natural resources – the skin of different animals. When your shoes get damaged,the leather will easily degrade into the earth.

Easy to Clean and Dye

You can easily clean the leather shoes at home using a simple cleaning brush. You can also use shoe cleaner like gel, foams, liquids,etc. You need to clean the shoes properly for a much shiny look. After cleaning, you have to dry it for few times. You can also use any type of soft cotton cloth to dry the shoe properly. After dyeing, leather gets the same look that you saw on the day you bought the shoes.

Odor Absorbent

Shoes made with rubber and other synthetic materials create body odor. It’s because that these shoes are made of various types of man-made chemical products. However, this is not the case with leather shoes. It spreads very sober fresh smell that no one will feel uncomfortable with.


The leather shoe can protect your skin from various kinds of injury. If you have to work for along timeoutside in the sun, the shoe can protect your feet from the heat of the sun. Its’ natural ingredient protects from any kind of heating liquid.

Health Benefits (Most Compelling of All)

The leather is natural material and suits well with our feet than rubber or other materials. For this reason, leather shoes carry immense health benefit which we can’t expect from other shoes. We see that rubber and plastic shoes are not only uncomfortable to wear, but they also cause various types of skin damage. As leather is naturally elastic material, leather shoes are slightly compressed while wearing and get stretched after our feet are stretched. We already have discussed how leather keeps good breathability that provides healthy comfort to our feet.

Though a pair of leather shoes costs a few bucks more than shoes of other materials; still, you should go for them because they are a good value for your money as well as beneficial for your health.

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