Nutrients around You – Aloe Vera and Flax Seed

Aloe vera seems to be a plain plant and we are not completely aware of the health benefits that it can bring to our body. It is actually fully-loaded with minerals, phytochemicals, amino acids and vitamins. You can consult with your doctor any time to check if starting to add aloe vera in your diet is allowed for your regimen. Meanwhile, here are a few points on how you can play with aloe vera on your diet.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera
  • Gaia Aloe Vera capsules are actually the easiest way to get a dose of its nutrients.
  • Fresh aloe vera gel can be mixed with water and you can consume it right away. You can also try to add some flavors or honey for better mixtures.
  • You can simmer or boil some cubes of aloe Vera then mix with sugar and lime juice to improve the taste.
  • Aloe vera can also be an additional flavor to any dessert like yogurt or any frozen product.
  • You can exercise taking spoonfuls of fresh aloe Vera gel in the morning along with water or juice.
  • Refreshments can also be combined with aloe vera gel like lemonade smoothies, or any other type of fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Aloe vera gels can also be an additional dressing to any salad.

Flax seeds are considered as giants in terms of health benefits. This small seeds contains an outstanding amount of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, phytochemicals and fiber. You can also start adding flax seeds to your daily meals and here are tips on how you can include it.

Brown flax seeds
Flax seeds
  • Like aloe Vera, flax seeds can also be taken as capsules for your convenience.
  • Flax seeds when grinded are good add-ons to any dish, smoothie, yogurt or milkshakes.
  • It can be added to pastries, bread or any baked product as toppings when toasted or finely grind.
  • It can also be added to your cereals for breakfast, any form of dips or sauces, additional flavor to salad dressings or just take a spoonful every morning along with water or any beverage.
  • If you schedule is very busy and don’t have much time to prepare any of the above mentioned items, you can also buy something in your nearest grocery store and look for products containing flax seed.

Aloe vera and flax seeds are just some of the healthy choices that we tend to ignore. Follow the tips above to ensure getting additional nutrients with something that is available and can be easily added to any dish, dessert or pastries.

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