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Iridology which is also known as Iridodiagnosis or Iridiagnosis is a method that examines the changes in the iris of the eye that may eventually say if there is any eye problem or disease. This is also an alternative medicine technique that is used to determine the health status of an individual by checking the components of the Iris, pupil and the sclera of the eye. Through Iridology we can assess the health levels, inherent strengths and weaknesses that take place in an individual’s body according to how they live their life.


Different Types of Iridology Technique

There are two types of iridology that you can refer to if you plan to undergo this process.

  1. Physical of Traditional Iridology – is a process that can detect a body’s potential health issues. It can tell the causes of illnesses and diseases.
  2. Behavioral Iridology – This process can tell a person’s personality type. People have different ways of expression, different needs and different modes of learning. This iridology can make the person more aware of their emotions and creates a great self awareness which can also be helpful in preventing any physical illnesses or diseases. There are also types of behavioral iridology that you could refer to in knowing a personality of an individual.
  • Analytical Type – You can base this type through the eyes with dot like pigments which are known to be the analyzer and likes working with details. People who belongs to this type are the also the excellent speakers and critics.
  • Emotional Type – You can base this type through the eyes that are defines by round opening. People who are in this category are the emotional, creative and expressive ones. Most professionals with this type are the Artists, Musicians, Inventors and Engineers.
  • Emphatic Type – You can base this type through the eyes that contains straight lines. These are the hypersensitive, motherly and support people. They are also the one who makes as good healers and social workers.
  • Motivator Type – You can base this type through the eyes that has both pigments and rounded opening. They are the dependable and motivator however, those who belong in this type easily get frustrated and can be selfish.
Iridology Chart
Iridology Chart, Source: Pinterest

History of Iridology

The research about Iridology began in year 1670. Dr Philippus Meyens is the one who published a paper describing the eyes of his patients when they became sick. By observing the eyes of his patients, he eventually realized that even before physical symptoms of sickness would show up, we can verify what is needed by the patient by just checking the eyes. In 1800, a physician from Hungary and Sweden began study the eyes and organizing their findings. These finding was used to build the first book about Iridology that was published in 1904 by an Austrian Physician.

Uses of Iridology

Iridology is most commonly used for knowing the information about the condition of every organ in our body as well as the inflammation toxicity levels that it has. This is also used to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the body whenever it absorbs and utilize vitamins and nutrients which are helpful in determining on how the body would response to a certain treatment.

Also used for

This is also used for knowing imbalances in the digestive and bowel problems. It can help in understanding the causes that are difficult to find or assess.

Precautions / Warnings

In general, iridology is safe and painless. However, you have to make sure that you ask for a second opinion from other physician because some Iridology reading may suggest a health issue or condition that may not really exist or some might missed the health condition that really needs to be treated. It is always safe to double check the results of your Iridology assessment.

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