Biofeedback Therapy – Who Can it Help and How with Infographic

Do you suffer from persistent anxiety or chronic digestion problems arising from stress? Here’s a new form of treatment for you to try: biofeedback therapy. It’s non-invasive and can be safely performed at home through various types of biofeedback machines. If you haven’t heard of biofeedback therapy, it’s time to take a look at the infographic below from to better understand how it can be used to treat anxiety, digestion issues, high blood pressure and even neurological disorders.

Biofeedback therapy is a developing field that was initially created as a self-regulatory technique for progressive relaxation. It can be combined with other forms of treatment as a supplementary type of therapy without causing interference as it does not involve the use of pharmaceuticals. In short, biofeedback makes use of electrodes that evoke bodily responses which are then measured by biofeedback machines.

Vital statistics including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and sweat gland activity are measured and using this information, health care practitioners are able to create tailored treatments for a wide range of health problems. Mental activities and relaxation techniques are recommended according to the measured statistics to ensure that treatments will be more effective for individual patients.

The therapy also allows patients to control and normalize bodily processes that are usually involuntary. For example, biofeedback therapy combined with relaxation training may increase a patient’s ability to stay calm under duress. This, in turn, will work to lower blood pressure and ease tension headaches or migraines that arise from stressful situations. Patients learn to control bodily responses in order to replace involuntary reactions with controlled processes following biofeedback treatments eventually.

Biofeedback treatments are thought to be effective in treating neurological disorders including depression, ADHD, addiction and most stress-related disorders. Chronic digestive issues can also be treated with biofeedback therapies and the treatment can even be used for everyday circumstances such as children who experience anxiety during a visit to the dentist. Biofeedback can be applied to a wide range of circumstances and can also be used in sports and combined with sports psychology to optimize performance.

This is an ideal treatment for patients with pre-existing medical conditions that cannot use drug-based medicine. It is easy to administer at home and improvements can be seen with the regular use of biofeedback treatments. Although biofeedback therapy is safe to use and contains no side effects, it is worth considering a consultation with a biofeedback therapist in order to fully understand how biofeedback measurements can be used to create effective treatment plans. Therapists will also be able to recommend a range of relaxation and mental exercises that can be used to regulate bodily responses.

There’s a lot of research still to be completed about the application of biofeedback therapy in our everyday lives, but one thing is certain: biofeedback therapy is an exciting discovery that could change your life in just a few sessions of treatment. It might just be the solution you’ve been searching for all along!

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