Causes and Treatment of Wheezing

Wheezing is a respiratory ailment cause by medical situations related to the airways as well as the lungs.The recognition of this condition is a whistling sound you hear during breathing; whether during inhalation or exhalation. For this condition to occur there are some kind of obstruction in the network of the airways and it makes it difficult for enough air to flow in or out during breathing. One of the main causes for this obstruction is asthma. Many people suffer from this disease and are likely at some point in their lives to develop complications of the airways to experience wheezing.

Medical  Diagnosis of Wheezing

Obstruction at different  areas of the airways will translate into different sounds of wheezing. If the obstruction is found to be caused by asthma, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, or any kinds of severe allergies. These will cause wheezing symptoms to be present. Other more severe illnesses will cause wheezing which are; Cystic Fibrosis, lung tumors, congenitive heart failure, or some kind of obstruction caused by a foreign object lodged in the airways, for example, a child stuffing a coin or pea up the nose. All these conditions will cause obstruction of airflow through the respiratory system at some time, and will manifest itself into wheezing.

Treating Symptoms of Wheezing

Relief of the symptom of wheezing  generally comes about when the obstruction is diagnosed and the appropriate treatment is given. For asthma, the use of inhalers and or drugs like prednisone will alleviate the condition. Generally to avoid these conditions the person need to know the triggers of their asthma and take measures to not be exposed to them. Sometimes it is unavoidable, as during spring when most plants are in bloom and if the trigger is pollen, then that is an issue. All there needs to do is get medical attention to alleviating the stress and help in relieving the obvious swelling in the airways.

Other situations that cause wheezing are like bronchitis that produces a lot of mucus and causes great obstruction of the airways, some patients may be hospitalized, and need to be treated with oxygen and antibiotics to relieve the inflammation in the airways. In the hospital, professional monitoring is given, as this is needed greatly.

COPD while caused by continuous smoking over years will cause wheezing and this can only be relieved by getting  treatment with inhalers called bronchodilators. For patients to have a longer life, they need to stop smoking and stay out of smoke-filled spaces.

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