How to use a Metered dose Asthma Inhaler with a Spacer?

Asthma is a disease which affects the respiratory system. This disease is caused by triggers of any airborne element, smoke, scents or physical  activity. These attacks come in the form of coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, and tightening of the chest. When these triggers are inhaled they cause the muscles of the airways to tighten and become narrow; this makes the person experiencing these symptoms to have difficulty breathing.

Using Inhalers to Treat Asthma

Inhalers are used to treat asthma symptoms. There are two types, the preventer inhaler which is brown, red or orange in color and the reliever inhaler which is blue in color. The preventer inhaler is used for just as the word indicates to prevent an attack or to control an attack. This inhaler is used even though you are not experiencing an attack to keep your asthma under control. For this inhaler to be effective it must be used for some time, and because it has the potential to cause thrush in the mouth; it is advised to wash mouth after use. Some preventer inhalers are; beclomethasone, Mometasone, fluticasone and contains medicines called corticosteroids. This inhaler must be used as prescribed by the doctor.

For the reliever inhaler; this is used when you are having an attack to relieve the symptoms. This inhaler contains a medication called bets-2 agonist. This medicine, when inhaled, causes the muscles in the airways to relax during an attack, and so enables the sufferer to be able to breathe easier. This inhaler can be used up to 10 times in succession for relief.  After long use after an attack, the patient needs to visit the doctor for a review on their asthma condition to see if their treatment needs adjustment or if they need more medical attention.  Reliever inhalers contain medication salbutamol and terbutaline.

See the’s demonstration to use an asthma inhaler correctly

How to use a metered dose asthma inhaler with a spacer
How to use a metered dose asthma inhaler with a spacer. Image courtesy:

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Asthma medication, when used correctly, can save lives and allow the patient to live a comfortable and active life. Treatment is a continuous and lifelong journey and once asthma is discovered needs to be taken seriously.

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