What are the General Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?

General Symptoms of Diabetes

Because diabetes is called the ‘silent killer’ symptoms are known to creep up on unsuspecting individuals. Persons will be going along with their lives and have no indication of being diabetic. Feeling tired and fatigue, frequent urination, having a very active appetite, blurred vision, having cuts and bruises that will not heal or slow in healing, are just some of the symptoms that you may have. Experiencing these symptoms and more like, losing weight even though you are eating lots more, are one of the indicators of having type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes symptoms are associated with all of the above and having tingling sensations, pain and some degree of numbness.

Experiencing all these symptoms are indicators to get you tested. In children, where type 1 diabetes is concerned, knowing your child’s habits and noticing changes in these habits are warning flags that have gone up. The doctor is the best person to have in your corner at this time. For type 2 diabetes, because the symptoms may be around a lot longer, in children the urgency is just as great. Have regular checks at the doctor for a complete check to verify or dispel any doubt.

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What are the Signs of Diabetes?

Other symptoms of diabetes may present themselves in a very unlikely manner. Persons may experience gum issues which for the general public’s education does not indicate problems with diabetes. This symptom of diabetes will make the medical situation worse, especially if you are not aware of this underlying condition. Because of the high sugar level present in the blood, it weakens the gums germ fighting ability and because gum disease is generally painless it is harder to detect. Some persons with diabetes have gum issues and do not know it is related to the disease. They will find their gums receding to expose more of the root of the tooth and just explain it away as aging. Gums will bleed during brushing and flossing, and there is no pain. These kinds of situations are not normal and needs urgent medical attention especially if you are diabetic.

Swollen gums, excessive redness and noticing pus in the gums plus no pain must be addressed also by your doctor. Having bad breath even though your oral hygiene is good is another indication something is wrong. Bad fitting dentures and noticing your teeth getting loose in the gums is also another warning sign that something is just not right.

You need to visit your dentist since you are diabetic to rule out this additional medical issue, but chances are these symptoms and signs you are experiencing is definitely related to diabetes. If these conditions are allowed to go unattended you will lose your teeth. For persons who wear partial dentures, the likelihood of infection along the gum line and under the dentures are serious conditions. diabetes will cause issues you never thought of because the blood sugar levels have either gotten out of control or your course of treatment is not very effective. Having a workable relationship with your doctor is advised. Any changes in your diabetes he or she will readily pick this up and knows what course to take. Apart from the already general signs and symptoms are known to be expected for diabetic sufferers, this is another medical concern that may occur.

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