How to Help Retired People Who Decide to Age at Home

Regardless whether it’s your grandparents, parents or relatives, we’ve all got someone in the family who’s retired. It should hopefully be a nice peaceful age, enjoyable to both the elders and their loved ones, as they finally have time for everyone and everything. Given, of course, they are in good health.

If, however, your loved ones who are retired aren’t so well, things might be a bit tough, especially if you live separately. Of course, nursing home is always an option, but not for everyone. Some consider it inhumane and selfish, or the elders simply don’t want to leave their homes, or finally, you just can’t afford it. So what to do and how to organize in that situation? With enough love, patience, and devotion, everything is possible.

Share Responsibility

Hopefully, you’ll not the only member of the family who can help in this matter, so try to make some schedule with your siblings or relatives so that you can have enough time for yourself, but also make sure your loved ones are okay at every moment. If, however, this is not the case, and you are the only person who can take care of your elderly beloved, consider maybe hiring a professional service to help you. Learn more about potential hazards to seniors here

This is more affordable and more comfortable and convenient than a nursing home. Still, make sure you do visit and dedicate as much time as you can since nothing can replace your love and care. It can be more soothing and healing than any professional treatment.

Assess the Home Accessibility and Safety

As already mentioned, aging at home is often the preference of elderly people. However, it’s necessary to make sure it is feasible and safe. There are a few things that could facilitate living at home to your older beloved ones.

To start with, you should make sure there is at least one entrance to the house which has no stairs. Furthermore, check if all the staircases and walking areas inside and outside the house are well-lit, and make the necessary adjustments. Also, it’s advisable to remove everything from the pathways in the house to minimize the risk of tripping. Additionally, for the same reason, make sure the carpets are well fixed to the floor. What’s more, it would be good if bathroom and bedroom had at least one exit to the first floor. If this is not possible, then at least make sure there are appropriate handrails on both sides of all staircases. Finally, install grab handles in all potentially dangerous places – bathtub, shower and close to the toilet.

Turn to Community Resources

If you don’t have time to visit regularly, and can’t or simply don’t want to hire professional staff on a regular basis, you can turn to some local services. For instance, many communities have nonprofit projects which provide food delivery and transport to elderly people with limited mobility at an affordable cost. What’s more, you can turn to companies such as Uber for transportation or Peapod for groceries delivery. Relying on such services can keep your beloved ones mobile and supplied, at the same time saving you money and time.

Professional caretakers are in high demand, and their services are invaluable to many people, but as previously mentioned, none of these can fully replace the true love and devotion, so don’t forget to visit as much as possible and show you care. Nothing matters more than that and nothing matters to them more than you.

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