Rocketship Education : Emphasizing Student Growth

Rocketship is a public charter school in California. One of the many goals this transformative education system has is to develop low-income areas by emphasizing and working with student achievements.

Rocketship Education
Rocketship Education

Student achievements can be measured with student growth. Some examples of measuring student growth can be a simple as measuring the difference in scale scores year after year. This is called the Simple Growth Model.

The Improvement Model measures each student’s grades against other students from the previous year. An example of this model would be if 60% of last year’s students scored 50% or better, and this year 65% of the class scored better. The increase of the number of students passing marks the growth.

Rocketship provides this by creating personalized learning tailored to meet the needs of individuals. Collaborating with teachers and engaging with parents, Rocketship Education offers a unique and effective way of managing classrooms.

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