Magnetic Therapy – Are You Using it?

Magnetic therapy is now being used as an alternative medicine by using devices that would help in energizing the body, relieving pain as well as treating an illness or disease. Magnetic therapy uses thin metals placed on the skin like bracelets and necklaces. Some metal accessory can be wrapped around the elbow, ankle, knee, waist or the lower back. These can be worn for just a few minutes or days, depending on the condition that needs to be treated.


Different Types of Magnetic Therapy

There are two forms of magnetic therapy that you can refer to and these are:

  1. Static Magnetic Therapy – This type of magnetic therapy is applied via a permanent magnet attached to the skin, this is used by many people for self-care. A perfect example for this type of therapy is the use of bracelet wherein an individual can just use it all throughout the day as well as all night. The use of this magnetic therapy is best for treating specific health problems such as chronic pain syndromes, insomnia, headaches or migraine as well as arthritis.
  2. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy – This is also known as the Pulsed Magnetic Therapy or Pulse Magneto therapy is commonly used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of non-union fractures. This therapy uses electrical energy to directly apply to the injury to reduce pain.

History of Magnetic Therapy

It was said that the healing of the magnetic therapy started during the 16th century by a physician named Paracelsus. He believed that the magnets attractions can eliminate the toxins and diseases from the body. During the middle ages, physicians also use magnets to treat several body issues like gout, arthritis as well as baldness. Nowadays, magnetic therapy has become a big industry in the USA and Europe and has been used mainly in Japan as well as in other parts of Asia for many years.

Most Common Uses of Magnetic Therapy

The Magnetic therapy is commonly used for joint problems like arthritis, Migraines and Headaches, Mild to Moderate Pain, Depression, Cancer as well as overstretched muscles or injuries in muscles like strains and sprains. Some also believed that the magnetic fields increase the blood flow, increase the flow of oxygen to the cells, alter your nerve pulses as well as improve the pattern of an individual’s emotional well-being.

Also used for

Magnetic Therapy can also be used to promote healing powers. It was said that this can reverse the growth of tumors in the body as well as prevent someone from having cancer. This can also stimulate the metabolism of a person which can result to having a healthier body.

Precautions Taking Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is said to be good for the body, many positive effect has been widely promoted by this therapy worldwide, but just like any therapies or medications this should also be handled with care and precautions for you to be able to maximize the greater effect and benefits of this therapy and to avoid any negative results at some point of the process. Below are a few warnings and precautions that you should be aware of:

  • You should avoid immediate application of metals after a full meal for at least two hours. You may experience vomiting if magnets are applied immediately after meal.
  • You should not apply strong power magnets to sensitive parts of the body such as the heart, eyes as well as the brain as this may create a negative effect to your system.
  • You should not intake any cold drinks during or after the application of magnets as they can take away the effect of heat that the metals produced.
  • Pregnant woman should not apply strong magnets as this can sometimes result to abortion. Even medium magnets should not be applied directly over the womb.
  • You should not expose the magnet to rain or high humidity as this may damage the magnets decrease its functional life.

You should not use a magnetic accessory if you are not sure on how to use it. It would be best to ask your physicians opinion on what would be the best magnetic therapy for you.

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