Massage Therapy for Body Relaxation

Massage Therapy proved to be beneficial for physical and emotional relaxation. Massage therapy involves the rubbing, pressing, or manipulating deeper layers of muscles as well as other soft tissues with the use of hand or fingers, sometimes they therapists also use their knee or feet to perform a massage. Massage therapy also promotes a healthy well being, heal injuries and can also health in prevention of several health issues.


Different types of massage therapy

There are many types of massage that you can choose from but listed below are the most used massage in the community.

  1. Swedish massage – This is one of the most widely used massage and also best known as “Western type of Massage Therapy”. Swedish massage offers 5 basic strokes such as Effleurage which is long gliding stroke, Petrissage is a Kneading stroke, Tapotement is percussion or tapping, Friction is a rapid and heat producing stroke and the Vibration which is vibrating or jostling.
  2. Trigger Point Therapy – This massage deactivates painful nodules in your muscles ad connective tissue. This is often integrated with other massage such as the Sports massage.
  3. Sports Massage – To optimize an athlete’s performance, they need to have a regular massage so that their flexibility will improve as well as their muscle balance.
  4. Deep Tissue – This massage is used to reduce pain and inflammation and to help heal injuries.
  5. Prenatal Massage – This helps in making a pregnant woman ease the discomforts of pregnancy, this will also be helpful during the delivery and labor times.
  6. Aromatherapy Massage – This is used to ease stress and tension as well as influence in calming your mood.
  7. Hot Stone Massage Therapy – One of the most relaxing massages which is great for people who are suffering from insomnia.
  8. Foot Reflexology – This is a massage that presses specific area on feet that is connected to the other parts of the body as well as the internal organs. This will make you feel relaxed and calm.
  9. Shiatsu Massage – This is a form of Japanese acupressure that is performed on a mat. This is proven to be helpful in improving your breathing.
  10. Thai Massage – This is a type of massage that focuses more in doing stretches

Origin of massage therapy

The earliest recorder massage therapy recorder was in India. A form of massage called Ayurveda way back in 3000 BC. This ancient practice observes a natural and holistic balance of the mind and body which can lead into physical and emotional well being. During the 2500 BC, it was believed that the Egyptians are the one who created the reflexology which focuses on specific point of the body to heal and recover from injuries.

Massage therapy is most commonly used for

Massage therapy is commonly used for relaxation, for stress reduction, back pain, muscle and joint pain, digestive problems, headache, anxiety, used to improve performance of the athletes and this can also be used to lower you blood pressure.

Also used for

Massage therapy is also used to help make people feel better and reduce some of the symptoms of cancer or any other illnesses that your body can have.

Precautions / Warnings of massage therapy

Despite of the benefits that massage therapy can offer to the community, we should bear in mind that there are also precautions that we should remember. Not everyone can have the privilege to take this therapy because some health issues will not allow you to take a massage right away so be sure to ask your physician for advice. You should not massage and infected skin such as with warts or boils because it might get worse. Be sure to cover up any open wound if you plan on getting a massage. Pregnant women are not allowed to have a massage in their abdomen for the first three month because this is the crucial part of the pregnancy period and a high risk of miscarriage.

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