Vegan Diet – can Meet the needs of People of all ages?

vegan diet
A vegan (strict vegetarian) doesn’t eat dairy products, eggs, or any other product derived from an animal. Vegans also avoid using products that have been tested on animals or made from animal skins.

Vegan diet has been one of the famous diets that you may have heard of. This is introduced as a diet that is non-meat and dairy free from all food intakes. This was also noted as not just a strict diet but also as a lifestyle as you may need to adopt a life without meat or dairy products.

Veganism, a term that is used for practicing of not eating or using any animal products most of the time from their diet which is stricter than the Vegetarian Diet. But what are the reasons why these vegans observed this kind of diet? Most of the time people reason out that they change their diet into being a vegan because of health purposes. Taking a variety of vegetables will make improved your body system. Another reason is vegans believe in the animal rights and that they should exist in our world without being eaten or slaughtered. Many vegans are also environmentalist; they truly agree that planting more vegetables will improve our environment compare to maintaining a farm.


History of Vegan Diet

The beginning of vegan was primarily introduced in 1944 by Donald Watson by distributing the first newsletter which is named as Vegan News that emphasizes on not using animals as product or food as well as the use of dairy milk by the vegetarians. The word Vegan came from the word vegetarian but only different because of their more strict belief in this diet.

Benefits of taking a Vegan Diet

Many studies show that Vegan diet is healthier than any other diet and can count a lot of benefits if you are doing this diet such as being away from different diseases and illnesses particularly heart problems or cancer. This may also be useful to those who are suffering from being overweight as this may help them keep their ideal weight. Being in a vegan diet also promotes living longer years as you eliminate yourself from eating processed food. Another thing is you can reduce toxins from your body and that you usually get from pollution or other substance that are not healthy for the human body. And lastly, you can save money because eating vegetables is said to be cheaper that eating meat.

Who are the most popular promoters of Vegan Diet in the USA?

You can name many famous people who observe the Vegan diet. To name a few one of them is Alicia Silverstone who is known to be a Hollywood actress and an animal lover always talks about how being vegan change her life physically as well as emotionally. Another well known individual that promotes this diet is former president of the United states which is Bill Clinton, he experienced a lot of health problems in his life but when he change his diet to Vegan he eventually improved his health more than he has imagined. Ellen Degeneres who is a famous TV host will make you inspired on how she managed to live as a vegan, she eventually stopped eating meat for the love of animals and is now planning to invest her vegan restaurant.

Precautions of Vegan Diet

Before jumping into the conclusion that you want to be a vegan, you should be more aware of risks that may occur. Vegans should be conscious on the proper amount or balance of food that they should take because they might get the result of having low immune system. Omitting the intake of dairy product in your system can be a risk in having low calcium which is a big factor in maintaining good bones. The lack of iodine in your system cannot also be good due to not eating seafood. If you want to have a vegan lifestyle you should do research on what you should know for you to be ready.

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