Water or Juice Fasting for Detoxing

Fasting is a way of refraining yourself from eating food and just primarily drink water or juice for a specific amount of time which is usually the whole day or a couple of days. Some people fast to lose weight, some are into cleansing and detoxification and some use it for spiritual purposes. Fasting involves a lot of benefits such as being a source of a healthy therapy by allowing it to cleanse and self heal from all the toxins that your body absorbed throughout the years.


Different Types of Fasting

There are different types of fasts that you can chose from which also depends on what your health needs. These are the following types that you can refer to:

  1. Water Fasting – Water fasting is a type of water which only drink water and nothing else. This is beneficial for weight loss and detoxification. One may take this type of fast according to a medical requirement or mainly because of religious tradition. This is highly suggestive to people who are supervised by their doctors because too much intake of water may also lead to serious problems such as brain damage.
  2. Diagnostic Fasting – Diagnostic fasting is usually used if you will undergo a testing procedure. This procedure will require you not to eat or drink except for water for 10-12 hours before if you are going to take a test for a glucose tolerance test. This is used to diagnose diabetes for a certain patient.
  3. Juice Fasting – Juice fasting is basically just drinking liquids that are primarily from fruits and vegetables. You are not allowed to eat any solid food and should strictly allow yourself to this fast for a couple of days for you to absorb all the vitamins and minerals that it has to offer.
  4. Liquid Protein Fasting – This is usually used for people who are into weight-loss program. Drinks like protein shake are included in their daily meals. It was said that liquid protein fast can help a person control their hunger allowing them to be more cautious on what food to eat.
  5. Cleansing Fasting – This cleansing fast is one of the famous fasting nowadays by putting a lemon in your water. This can be very helpful in cleaning your colon from all the toxins.
  6. Partial Fasting – Partial fasting is a fast that will let you exclude a type of food in your diet for a particular timeframe. This will limit you the intake of a particular food but the necessarily keeping you from not eating it at all.
  7. Spiritual Fasting – This fasting is usually done due to a religious tradition where they restrict themselves from eating food and drinking water for a specific number of days, some can even last for a whole month.

Origin of Fasting

There is no standard time as to when the fasting started but it was used during the old times by the philosophers, doctors and priests. Herodotus, a well know Greek historian said that during this time (484-425 years BC) the Egyptian men are the most healthiest as they dedicate three days of not eating any food. This “purification” as what they call, makes them more immune from all kinds of sickness. Fasting became more popular to the community during the Middle Ages as well as in renaissance period. In 1400, Luigi di Cornaro is one of the few people during his time that is used to eating drinking excessively. He became ill and no one could ever cure is sickness. However, there was a doctor that was found during that time and advised him that he should try to observe a strict abstinence from eating food. After a few days, he then gained his energy and eventually became better.

Most Common Uses of Fasting

The use of fasting has been beneficial in treating diabetes because of the cleansing method that it can provide. According to researchers, fasting can also be used to lower the cholesterol in the body as well as normalize the blood pressure for those who are experiencing cardiovascular health issues. This is also used for improving your metabolism and helps in losing fat in the body which can help in preventing obesity. Studies have found that fasting can be used as a treatment for preventing cancer.

Also used for

Fasting is also used for reducing the length of epilepsy as well as the severity of the seizures. This is especially good for helping cure childhood epilepsy.

Precautions to Fasting

Fasting can give a lot of benefits but there are a few people that cannot take this as a part of their lifestyle. People who are currently experiencing anorexia and bulimia are not allowed to fast, pregnant and nursing mother are also excluded, those people with severe anaemia. There are also some that should be supervised by their doctors if they need to fast such as people with serious illness condition, young children, people with diabetes as well as people with kidney failure. It is also important that you break the fast in a careful way. Do not eat food right away because you will probably experience a negative reaction in your digestive system.

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