Which one is the best yogurt for you?

yogurt best choices

Yogurt has been part of our most important dish as a dessert or to some busy people, it is considered as something they can have for a snack or to break hunger. It comes in many flavors, but it can also be eaten plain. Aside from being flavorful, yogurt brings a lot of nutrients into the body. It has protein, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and a good source of low-GI carbohydrates. Moreover, it has healthy bacteria that are very helpful for proper digestion. Yogurt is considerably healthy also for diabetic people. However, before buying any yogurt brand, take the time to check the labels and find out which one is best.


Probiotics content

Not all yogurts contain probiotics. Some brands may claim they have it but before buying, make sure that it counts up to a million colony-forming units per gram to be considered healthy. This amount is sufficient enough to retain a healthy bacterial balance in the gut.

Yogurt on losing weight

If you consider yogurt in replacement for food, remember that it is still not proper. It is just helpful in assisting you to manage your weight. However, there are still other nutrients that your body needs. Also, nutritional contents of yogurts depend on the type of milk used, and the amount of sugar and fruit added. If you eat it in excess, it will still result in weight gain.

Fats recommendation

In every 100 grams of yogurt, the amount of fat should be only 0-1 gram. If in the label, it says 97% fat-free, that means that it contains 3 g per 100 g of yogurt. Remember that if you are diabetic, choose those items which are fat-free.

Glucose information

Sugar content of yogurts depends on the flavor and fruit added. Besides, it also has natural sugars so better check all the labels before buying any brand. The recommended amount is 7 g of total carbohydrates per 100 g.

Low lactose

For people with lactose intolerance, a yogurt is an excellent option. With the natural process of thickening with using any agents, lactose is directly converted to lactic acid. Total percentage of lactose removed through this process is as high as 95%.

Exceptionally plain

Plain yogurt is the best way to start your healthy lifestyle. It may have the sour or bitter taste, but you can play with it by adding flavors or fruits containing small amounts of sugar like banana, peach, and berries. In addition, plain yogurts can be your replacement for ice cream or sour-cream dips for chips.

Yogurt is necessarily healthy not only for diabetics but also for anyone trying to keep a good shape. You just have to be familiar with brands that have outstanding nutritional contents. Remember, plain yogurts are healthy, but you can add flavors. You can also mix it with smoothies, salads, fresh fruits and even curries. You just have to think of smart ways of consuming it to help yourself retain a healthy lifestyle for your diabetes.

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  1. imp66 says

    Choose fat-free yoghurt if you are diabetic! Why?? Fat does not effect blood glucose levels…. sugars and carbs do. Fat – free yogs are likely to contain sugars or sweeteners to make them more palatable. They should be avoided, especially by diabetics.

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