Best 15 Foods that will Purify Your Blood Naturally

The blood performs some of the most important functions in the human body. It transports oxygen and essential nutrients to all the different cells in the body. Incorporating these foods into your diet will ensure that the blood is purified naturally.

  1. Garlic: full of sulfur, an essential mineral the body needs in order to get rid of toxins in the blood.
  2. Dandelion: packed with antioxidants and other phytonutrients that eliminate toxins and free radicals from the bloodstream
  3. Apple: phytonutrients are essential to the body’s natural detoxifying system, which purifies the blood and keeps it free of toxic elements
  4. Beets: purifies the blood from toxins and free radicals by stimulating the liver
  5. Parsley: an effective diuretic that helps the kidneys function efficiently so they can purify the bloodstream
  6. Carrots: rich in glutathione, an essential protein that helps the liver cleanse the blood
  7. Leafy Greens: loaded with powerful vitamins and minerals, adding these to the diet is the best way to purify the blood
  8. Broccoli Sprouts: contain 20 times the amount of sulfurophane, which has strong detox properties that help the body purify the blood
  9. Lemons: contain a high amount of vitamin C, but they are also highly acidic and eliminate toxins found in the blood
  10. Flaxseed: high in fiber, which eliminates blood sugar and eliminates toxins in the blood
  11. Turmeric: curcumin helps aid in liver function and speeds up the detoxification process to purify the blood
  12. Basil: a natural diuretic, this helps eliminate toxins in the bloodstream and gets rid of infections
  13. Blueberries: have anti-inflammatory properties that help ensure blood flows through the body
  14. Avocado: glutathione helps the liver purify the blood by getting rid of free radicals and toxins
  15. Cilantro: this aids in removing heavy metals from the bloodstream
Foods that purify your blood
Best 15 foods that help purifying your blood naturally

Obtaining these nutrients through food has been proven in studies to be much more effective than using supplements. A simple change in diet could help you lead a healthier and happier life.

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