Green healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature

It might sound poetic when people ask you questions like – do you like the smell of the rain? Or if you went out and felt the breeze in your hair? But these are questions that we should all ask ourselves. Living in a kingdom full of pollution and carcinogenic substances is not good for us, but we have still become accustomed to it. How do we rid ourselves from this place we call home, for just a short while and why? Let’s elaborate.

Green healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature
Infographic: Green healing – The amazing health benefits of being in nature. Image Courtesy: FactDr

Green healing is the best solution to every problem. That is because it includes going out and being at Mother Nature’s mercy to help rid us of our worries and problems.

This is good because –

  1. Exercise and green therapy– We follow things that we think make us healthy, but in fact has zero effect on us. Going out for a hike, trek or bicycling will help remove the toxins from our body and fill it with fresh and clean air.
  2. How clean is your air – The air that we breathe is toxic and carcinogenic compared to what our ancestors inhaled.
  3. Vitamin D is the best cure – Most of us have some ailments starting from a very young age. This is because we just don’t go out and prefer staying in.
  4. Green brain, clean brain – A peaceful walk outdoors can help increase our memory, relieve us of diseases like depression and stir up our creative juices.
  5. For your eyes only – Ever wonder why all those nerds have thick glasses? That is because all that they did was stare into a T.V. screen, or computer. Making us realize now why our generation is the unhealthiest one.
  6. Nature’s clock – The concept of a morning person and night owl was never a question with our ancestors. But it seems to have been invented because we started living in concrete cages.

Green healing states all the reasons that we need and more to go out for a walk, go camping and sleep under the stars.

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