Is fitness water with sodium good to take after working out?

Water plays as the most important nutrient in the body. It is responsible in multiple body functions like nutrients and waste product transport, regulating body heat and temperature and lubricating our joints. Now, we have to consume more liquids if we are working out to replace lost electrolytes. There are various types of fitness water available.

A. Smart waters

These are the type that claims to be considered smart because after the process of boiling, they add magnesium, potassium and calcium to water to promote electrolyte replacement, however, the time frame for its actual ability to hydrate is unknown.

B. Vitamin waters

Some types of vitamin waters are known to have high contents of sugar, usually higher than sodas. It is not advisable to take these after working out for hydration because it is not claimed to be healthy. Doctors say that it is better to get vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables for better tracking of nutrient levels because these vitamin waters may cause excess which is also harmful.

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