7 Tips to Treat Your Body Like a Temple

The rewards, however, are well worth it when it is done the right way.

The human body is one of the grandest creations made by God. We often lose sight of how special it is given that we live with it every day of our lives, and it and our overall health start to be taken for granted. Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and as such it is our sacred duty to make that temple the best it can be. That is often easier said than done in this chaotic and hectic world.

On top of that, we are bombarded with ads for products that promise quick weight loss with little to no exercise required. Like living a useful and productive life, living a healthy lifestyle, and getting into shape isn’t the easiest path to follow. It takes real effort, dedication, and planning. The rewards, however, are well worth it when it is done the right way. Here are some tips to get you started on the right path to leading a healthy lifestyle:



We are what we eat, plain and simple. If we only live on fast food and candy bars, our bodies will put that fact on display to everyone. Also, proper nutrition will give you more energy and help do other things like boost your immune system.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean living like a rabbit. Search for healthy, low calorie and low-fat recipes. There are lots out there. Also, read food labels. There are surprising amounts of hidden sugar in some foods like ketchup.

Reduce Stress

Stress. You know it when you got it. It can be work, family problems, or all those little things in life that pile on our shoulders and bring us down before we know it. If left unchecked, stress can lead to health problems like high blood pressure and obesity.

Take steps to manage these issues. Prayer has helped so many people in this area. Also, don’t be afraid or ashamed to seek mental health counseling from your physician or online sites like regain.us. Doing so can be just as important as going to the doctor for a physical problem.


Its common knowledge that stretching before a workout is essential since it lessens the chances of injury to the muscle. What may not be as well known is how important stretching is out of the gym. Stretching throughout the day keeps the muscles flexible and improves the range of motion in our joints.

Plus, it just feels great, especially if you have a job where you spend a lot of time sitting. A minute or two of light stretching throughout the day will make your body better prepared for even regular activity.


This is the closest thing to a miracle drug anyone has found. Aerobic exercise can reverse or lessen the impact of many health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and muscle pains. It also helps with mental health and has been shown to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.

On top of all that, it will give you more energy. Jogging or hitting the treadmill is an excellent way to start, but for those wanting a lower impact alternative, try an elliptical or take up riding a bike.

Strength Training

Many people have an inaccurate understanding of strength training since the first image that often pops into their minds is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Strength training and bodybuilding are two different things. Bulking up doesn’t happen unless someone has the genetics for it, and devotes a ton of effort and time. Not that bodybuilding is inherently a bad thing, and whatever your fitness goal is here, tons of safe and effective workout supplements can help you reach them.

What strength training will do is increase bone strength and health, makes you stronger and fitter overall, give you a more toned body and help keep the weight off – permanently. So, if strength training isn’t already a part of your exercise plan, find a way to make it so.


Sleep is more important to our health than many people realize. Lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. That’s on top of the general blah feeling of walking around in half a daze all day.

Getting enough sleep is easier said than done with life being as hectic as it is, especially for those with young children. To help yourself sleep, make sure your bedroom is comfortable. Don’t overdo the caffeine during the daytime, and avoid electronics that emit blue light (phones, HDTVs, tablets, etc.). The good news is that newer gadgets have a nighttime setting that shifts the display to a soothing amber toned light, which is less likely to interfere with sleep.

Manage Your Health

Exercising regularly and watching what you eat can only go so far, and the older we get, the more this is true. Family history can make diseases like hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol an inevitability even for those of us who take proactive steps to stay healthy.

The best way to keep on top of this is to get regular checkups and health screenings from your doctor. Also, listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, have it checked out.

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