How do I know if my blood sugar is too low?

Answer: Patients usually experience tremors, anxiety, excessive sweating, palpitations and blurred visions. However, these symptoms may be absent to patients with long-term diabetes but rather might have unconsciousness and sudden convulsions. If any of these happens, make sure to give initial doses of sugar like honey, candies or any sweet beverage. This will help in giving relief and do not forget to update the doctor for scenarios like this. Possible causes like high insulin dose, excessive activities, delayed or missed meals must also be considered to avoid experiencing hypoglycemia again.

Question: How do I know if my blood sugar levels are too high?

Answer: You might feel dizziness, fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst and urination when your glucose level is high however, to some people, it is asymptomatic. They only find out having high levels when they manually check it.

Question: What can I do to maintain a healthy diabetic diet?

Answer: The treatment of diabetes is actually about disciplining yourself on a healthy lifestyle and food intake. You can avoid meals which are high in calories, carbohydrates and cholesterol and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can also benefit in working out regularly.

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