Meditation – A factor of Developing the mind and body

Meditation is when you are in a deep mental concentration which gives you a peace of mind or satisfaction. This is also the time for silence and an effective way to reduce stress from several environment factors. Meditation promotes a positive way of thinking, patience and understanding of the true meaning of life. Nowadays, people can easily catch negative energy because of the drastic changes of the environment, and meditation now serves as something that an individual needs to be able to achieve the true happiness. People should now try and practice the art of Meditation.


Different types of Meditation

Meditation is now recommended by most doctors to their patients because of the benefits that it can provide. Here are the most popular types of Meditation:

  1. Mindfulness – This meditation came from the Buddhist Tradition. Mindfulness which is also known as “Vipassana” is a popular meditation in the western part of the world. This meditation allows the person t practice the importance of breathing because it was believed that breathing the right way can give you the energy that your body needed.
  2. Zazen – This meditation is referred to as “Just sitting” because the position is to sit with your back straight. Zen meditation is done for a long period of time and a continuous practice is highly recommended for better concentration of the mind.
  3. Transcendental Meditation – This meditation position is ideally in lotus or half lotus sitting posture. It is a natural process of reducing stress and detaching yourself from the anxiety and depression.
  4. Kundalini – Is a meditation that is also known as a psycho-spiritual energy which is thought to be within the sleeping body of a person. It was said that this meditation promotes purification of the body, reduces stress and can treat underlying psychological issues of an individual.
  5. Guided Visualization – This type can promote calmness of the body and mind and you can experience relaxation by just closing your eyes and imagining a peaceful nature on your mind. You may be also asked to think of other positive things several times to make you feel even better.
  6. Qi gong – Is a meditation form of Taoist that practices the breathing, the balance of energy as well as martial arts training. This meditation involves a lot of slow movement to achieve the meditative state of mind.
  7. Trance-based practices – is a meditation that promoted mental calmness that can reduce the electrical cycle of the brain which makes it slower to be able to achieve a better concentration. It was believed that this can help in problem solving as well as self awareness and can make you connect to the natural environment of all living things.
  8. Heart Rhythm Meditation – This meditation mainly focuses on the breathing of an individual by following full breathing, deep breathing, the rhythmic as well as the balanced breathing. This makes your breath more powerful and makes your heart healthier.

Origin of Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have an exact date as to when it really started but according to researchers, this has been around for about 5,000 years. One of the early recorded founders of meditation is Buddha way back in 500 BC. He spoke that the two qualities that would make a meditation successful is Tranquility and Insight. His teachings became successful around the world and are now being practiced in different types of form and many believed that meditation is an essential factor of developing the mind and body.

Most common uses of Meditation

Meditation is commonly used for any health physical problem. Being in a relaxed state of mind will help you control on how to handle pain t suffering too much.  Meditation is also used to increase energy in your body as well as improve your immune system.

Also used for

Many also use meditation to relieve irritation with their bowel movement by practicing a relaxation for at least once or twice a day. This method has now been added by physicians as an effective treatment for such case.

Precautions for Meditation

Meditation is good for the body and mind but you should be aware that there are also precautions that you need to watch out. If you are doing meditation improperly, you may experience negative effects both physically and mentally. Some may also experience, depression, anxiety and eve confusion. If symptoms like these persist, it is advisable that you go to your physician to further check your situation.

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