Nutritional Therapy – Boost Your Body Energy Level

nutritional therapyAll of us need the right nutrition to be able to live a healthy life. Nutrients help our body to function, protect against illness and diseases, restores our health as well as helps our body to adapt to the changing environment. Nutritional therapy is an application that combined science with naturopathy (natural, drug-free medicine) in able to the patient to return to a state of a healthy life. Nutritional therapy aims to know the cause of illnesses and diseases as well as provide the possible solution for different health issues.


Types of nutritional therapists that can help you

If you plan to undergo a Nutritional Therapy, you have to be sure that you seek advice from the one who is trained and trusted. You can refer to below practitioners for a one on one advice.

  • Nutritional Therapists – They are the practitioners that are independent professionals who can assess your whole health condition. They are the one that can give you advice on how to maintain and achieve a healthy life through nutritional factors.
  • Dietitians – They are the one who uses the science of nutrition to come up with eating plans for those who have various health issues. They also promote good health by spreading a positive way of choosing the right food that would result to a healthier life.
  • Nutritionists – They are the health professional who works on researching on how the body’s functions are affected by nutrients. They also study how a certain diet affects the metabolism. Also, they provide health advice and plans on how to eat healthy.
  • Nutrition Adviser or Diet Adviser – They are the one who offers a general nutrition like a healthy lifestyle, weight management and also promote on using another therapy such as massage therapy to achieve a better life.

History of nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy was said to begin in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In this era, a lot of heavy metals like mercury are often used to treat diseases. According to Vincent Priessnitz, Sebatian Kneipp and JH Kellogg who led the Naturopathy movement, it is still best to treat an illness with natural methods like eating healthy and organic foods, helpful diets as well as fasting to eliminate toxins in the body. The early researchers also believed that eating fruits and vegetables will make you live healthier and longer.

Most common uses of nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy is commonly used to support the body’s energy level, improve your sleep, improve skin conditions like (acne, eczema, dry skin), balance hormones, improve your digestive system, can also reduce the symptoms of bowel syndromes and can also boost your immune system.

Also used for

Nutritional therapy is also used for managing menopause, memory retention, sports nutrition and support for a healthy conception and pregnancy.

Precautions of nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy is an alternative form of medicine however; this is not a recognized form within the medical community. So it means that the healing factor it provides to the human body is not really recorded under any scientific research. This therapy is prescribed often without proper precautions which can cause a more serious effect if it’s not well taken care of. Also, you have to remember that nutritional therapy will not cure any serious illness or disease. It would be best to ask your doctor or health care provider of what would be best for your health as well as to give you guidance to a better lifestyle.

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