What are the Perimenopause Symptoms with Treatment?

Perimenopause is when the woman’s body goes through the preliminary stages of menopause. This is called the transitional phase and it can be a very worrisome time. Many women do not acknowledge the prospect of the change that is coming. Some women are not emotionally prepared for this early occurrence while some welcome the second stage of life with pleasure. For some women, this period of life begins at 30 – 45 while for some it begins at 40 – 45 or 50. The normal stages of perimenopausal are four years but for some women it may be prolonged up to 10 years. This is why the age variables.

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Symptoms of Perimenopause

Women are generally able to tell because there are signs of irregular periods. This occurs because the bodies’ normal estrogen levels begin to deplete. It becomes very unstable, causing lighter blood flow or in some cases heavier. Blood clot occurs, as the bodies’ anticoagulant system is not able to work as it should do. This might be disturbing.

Other symptoms of perimenopause are hot flashes, fatigue, low sexual interest, irregular periods, as mentioned earlier, vaginal dryness, tenderness of the breasts, incontinent during periodic coughing or sneezing, mood swings and bouts of insomnia. Some women will find no matter where they sleep it is never comfortable.

Treating Perimenopausal Symptoms

Diagnosing perimenopause is generally done by a doctor having a blood test done. This test will determine the hormonal levels in the body. The doctor will prescribe hormonal replacement in the form of oral contraceptives. These are generally low dosage tablets that you will be using for a short time. Some doctors may prescribe the birth control patch or the vaginal ring. If you have used the birth control pills and find there some allergic reaction, let the doctor know.

Women who smoke should try and quit. This is because smoking will cause the possibility of heart situations and generally it is not healthy.

A healthy lifestyle or change of lifestyle is sometimes necessary to control and help women through this period of perimenopause. Exercise is always a good thing. Walking or some aerobics is great for the well-being and mental health of women who are experiencing conditions of stress. Sexual issues are attributed to stress and one way to alleviate this condition is walking. If vaginal dryness is the issue, some lubricants like KY Jelly can be used. Other recommended lubricants may be recommended by your doctor. Some women need more medical help, so the doctor may recommend therapy if stress is the underlying cause.

Dieting is always good, and wanting to maintain a healthy weight is always good for women reaching perimenopause.

Vitamins and multivitamins are necessary; depleting hormonal levels will cause women to develop osteoporosis at some time. Boosting the vitamin intake is recommended to ensure, maintenance of strong bones.

Always talk to your doctor about uncomfortable feelings; you may want to ask an older relative or friend also. This may help to know that someone within your circle has or have been through what you are experiencing. Being understood and comforted, is always a great way to weather the storms of any medical condition. Although perimenopause is a normal occurrence for any woman, there still is the need for support.

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