Track Your Life With Your Phone: Top 50 Apps

Do you want to know how much you spend in a week? What about how much you eat every day? Or perhaps you’d like to discover how your fitness improves by going to the gym. Whatever you’d like to find out, it’s likely your phone can help. The tracking capabilities of modern smartphones is amazing.

As we seek more control over our lives, phones have been delivering the answers. After all, for most of us, they’re hardly ever out of sight. Our Androids or iPhones are now essential to our everyday lives. App developers have seen this coming for years. Long before us, they knew they could use sophisticated technology to provide endless opportunities for phones to track our lives.

From where we spend our time, who we spend it with to what we’re doing, there are thousands of apps waiting to bring an analytic approach to even the smallest things. Some are mundane and others slightly sinister – with mcouple, for instance, you can access all the phone calls, texts and location history of your other half.

Other apps could revolutionise our decisions and have a huge impact on modern day living. This great infographic brings together 50 of the best apps you can use to track your life by using your phone. The apps were chosen by Vouchercloud based on their price, accessibility around the world, and cross-compatibility across devices – so wherever you are and whatever phone you have, you’ll find something of use.

We weren’t lying when we said some are boring, though. Whilst you can see the use of Out of Milk to track what you need on your shopping list or Sleep Cycle to record your sleeping patterns, there are far better apps out there. Even on the subject of sleeping, you could get your phone to record any sleep talking – whether it’s you or your partner.

Track Your Life With Your Phone: Top 50 Apps
Track Your Life With Your Phone: Top 50 Apps

Discover new music based on your recent plays with, finally win those eBay bids by tracking deals on Myibidder or see who you follow on Twitter and who follows you back with Followerwonk. With just a few examples, you can see how technology could influence your life. If you download Checky and track your mobile addiction, you might even decide to cut down a bit.

For the meantime, there are loads of apps to optimise your finances (track bills with, your journey times (get real-time traffic updates with Waze) or even New Year’s resolutions (track ambitions with Routinely). You can easily keep a record of your health with technology too. Whether you want to track bowel movements (Pooplog), your pregnancy (I’m Expecting), your heart rate (Cardiograph) or your mood (Expereal), there’s an app for it.

Take a closer look at the infographic today and download your favourite apps. It’s worth it, as a lot of the apps are free and will save you time, effort and money. A top tip from us – you might want to get My Data Manager to make sure they’re not eating up your data allowance. Infographic courtesy: Vouchercloud.

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