Popular Home Wellness Remedies Spotlighted in the Media

Do you ever find yourself wishing for an easy fix for an ailment you can’t seem to shake off? While diagnosing your own health problems isn’t always smart, many home treatments can remedy certain conditions. Here we’ll explore three recently spotlighted wellness remedies that could help solve your health dilemma.

Essential Oils Enter Hospitals

Because essential oils are so effective, a hospital in Minnesota now offers oil blends to its pediatric patients to treat a range of ailments. If you’re new to essential oil use, it might seem odd to inhale concentrated oils to treat health problems. But aromatherapy is an ancient treatment that has recently revived. Headaches, nausea, bug bites, and rashes all have associated essential oil solutions. Other common essential oil fixes include:

·         Lavender for relaxation and sleep

·         Peppermint for headaches and migraines

·         Eucalyptus oil for coughs and sinus problems

·         Tea tree oil for acne and fungal infections

·         Lemon oil in a footbath to soothe aching feet

·         Rosemary to help thinning hair regrow

While home remedies and essential oils have helped people overcome illness for centuries, it’s a plus to see mainstream healthcare acknowledge the popular remedy in a positive light.

Carpal Tunnel Home Remedies

With all the texting, typing, and technology use today, it’s no surprise that carpal tunnel is common. Carpal tunnel is an inflammation of the biggest nerve in your wrist, and it results from repetitive motion in the same area. Your wrists might feel painful, numb, or tingly, almost like they’re falling asleep. Conventional treatment includes splints to support the affected areas, surgery to help release nerve pressure, and physical therapy.

A recent news article from Reader’s Digest reports a new study’s finding that physical therapy is as effective in reducing carpal tunnel related pain as surgery is. Fantastic news for those of us who would rather not go under the knife to ease the pain! A few alternative home remedies for carpal tunnel symptoms are:

·         Stretches that target the affected area

·         Splinting the wrists at night/in the evening time before bed

·         Using natural anti-inflammatories like acupuncture, turmeric, and omega-3’s

·         Treating with cold packs and vibration massage

·         Resting the affected area and avoiding painful activities

While a doctor might want to perform surgery, it is a relief to know there are effective ways to ease the pain of carpal tunnel. Home wellness remedies are the first step in curing what ails you, naturally.

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