Top Foods that Cause Acne

A survey was conducted in United States and it was reported that 60% of the people claimed that greasy and fried foods are the one of the major causes of acne. Even medical science is supporting the claim now. Though there are different biological basis for acne breakouts like, hyperactivity of sebaceous glands under the influence of hormones, but unhealthy eating habits triggers these activities even more.


Let’s now get familiarized with the categories of food that cause acne breakouts:

Foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates

As we all are aware that the main carbohydrate is glucose which is metabolized by the body and is converted to glycogen stored in the adipose cells of the body. Now why does acne happens due to intake of carbohydrates? This is because we only need a specific amount of carbohydrates for proper functioning of the body and if taken in access often causes acne and diabetes as well but we will not focus on the latter for now. Common carbohydrate rich foods that trigger acne can be rice and bread.

High sugar containing foods

chocolate acneAll the problems associated with excessive sugar intake needs no introduction. High sugar levels in the body impair the immune system, causes indigestion and constipation. Constipation ultimately causes acne irrespective of the type of skin you have. Foods containing high sugar levels like, Chocolates, ice creams, candies, biscuits, sweets should be highly avoided to prevent acne breakouts.

Fried foods

french fryFats have an obvious bad impact on our bodies and health of skin. All the fried foods are prepared in oils which contains liquid fats. Not all the oils are harmful for health but oils containing unsaturated fat content should be highly avoided.  Too much Trans fats and saturated fats are not healthy for your heart and skin as well. Some of the foods containing Trans fats are French fries, Fried chicken, Chinese fast foods, burgers, Pizzas. Even the dairy products are high fat containing like cheese and milk. People prone to acne should not consume theses products much.

Along with foods even drinks are responsible for acne

Drinks like caffeine, animal proteins, processed drinks, alcohol all these increase the levels of testosterone which begets zits and pimples. Caffeine should always be avoided every now and then as it triggers adrenaline gland to increase stress hormones that leads to increase in stress. And too much stress is unhealthy for health and skin.

Author’s recommendation

Though precaution is better than cure but at times chocolates, cheese and pizza’s are way too tempting and results in acne. But then if your skin is highly prone to acne which leads to darkness and blemishes you can always look forward to skin brightener products like Revitol acnezine cream to decrease the effect of all such skin disorders.

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