7 Tips to Get Back in Shape Quickly for Summer

That sunny time of the year for going to the beach, partying, vacation, spending time with friends and having lots of fun is almost here. Wouldn’t it be great to have that confident, youthful and energetic body for the approaching summer season? I bet your answer is yes. Getting back in shape would give you the confidence to enjoy the best of summer. So, what tips would help you get back in shape quickly? Well, we have packaged top fitness tips that would help you get that confident body you need for summer. Let’s get to it!


1.    Draw-up a Workout Plan

If you really want to get back in shape super fast, the first thing you need to do is devise a plan. One of the commonest mistakes that hamper results when it comes to getting back in shape is the lack of a plan. Going to the gym anytime you desire and doing any routine you please won’t cut it. A well-devised plan would enable you to stick to your exercise and keep you focused on the results you desire. You are also able to monitor results. So, if you want your body to change over the next few weeks; devise a plan.

2.    What You Eat

The importance of your diet when it comes to weight loss cannot be overemphasized. Many people often get it wrong. They feel it is the quantity of food they ingest that matters when in reality it is the type of foods ingested that really matters. You might find it difficult losing weight if you eat certain foods with unhealthy fats and toxic substances. Starving yourself to lose weight is really an old fashioned approach. So what foods should you focus on eating? Well, you should focus on eating more vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. Eat lots of colourful veggies, foods with proteins, and essential fats. Cut down on junks, binge drinking, and refined sugar.

Spotting colourful veggies and foods with proteins should not be a problem for you. As regards essential fats, they are both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. However, it is healthy when the ratio of the omega-3 fats in your meal is close to the Omega-6. The healthy ratio of omega-6 fats to Omega-3 fats should be 2:1 or even 1:1. The common oils we see today are with a ratio of 20:1 and sometimes even 30:1. This ratio is unhealthy and inhibits fat loss.

3.    Choose an Exercise Time that Suits You

You can either choose to exercise in the morning or in evening times after your daily duties. Whichever suits you is fine. In any case, you perhaps want to consider an advantage that comes with working out in the morning. When you exercise in the morning, there is a greater chance that you would eat better considering the effort you had put to exercising as against exercising in the evening which gives you a notion that you can literally grab every junk that comes your way and burn them off later during your evening exercise sessions. You also get to have more time for yourself.

4.    Exercise Hard

Literally, anyone could decide to hit the gym or engage in workouts, but if you really desire losing weight super fast, you have to be ready to work hard. According to fitness experts, It is really about going harder not longer. Experts advise that for optimum fat burning, steady workouts maintained for a long period should be ignored. What you should be doing are varied intense workouts that could get you exhausted in less than an hour.

If you want true body changes quickly, you have got to be willing to leave your comfort zone and ignore those long period comfortable workouts that people engage in. Your goal is to get back in shape fast for summer. So, take your workout up a notch and work at an intensity that challenges you.

5.    Mix-up Your Exercise and Focus on the Core

Varying your exercise could limit boredom that may come with workouts. It would also limit the injuries that could occur from overworking a muscle. Varying your exercise would enhance results as all your muscles are engaged and your body does not get accustomed to a particular exercise. So mix things up in your workouts and add HIIT sessions a few times a week.

Additionally, focus on the core. The core is what keeps the body strong and solid. Hence, a weak core is really bad as the core is important for engaging in any physical activity. So, add some core workouts 4 times per week into your plan.

6.    Hydrate

Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Staying hydrated would help you in your goal to get back in shape for summer. This is because staying hydrated throughout especially as the season gets warm helps regulate appetite and optimize the body’s fat-burning capacity.  Aim for 2 a minimum of 2 litres of water daily excluding tea and coffee.

7.    Get Enough Rest

No matter how much you desire losing weight quickly, the body needs rest to recuperate and strengthen. So avoid working out incessantly. Take rest as needed. This would help your body a lot and give you the strength needed for fat burn.

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