Do Women Need More Sleep than Men?

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Men, don’t run away from your woman if she occasionally wakes up in a not- so- pleasant mood. It will only make things worse. Just simply encourage her to get more sleep. Research is pointing out that women do need more sleep than men. Women tend to do more multitasking during the day than men, which means that women’s brains need more time to recover. When in deep sleep, the Cerebral Cortex- the key role of the brain that is responsible for memory, awareness, language, thought, and consciousness- detaches from the senses and begins the journey to recovery. So the more brain power you use during the day, the more time your brain needs to recover.

Women’s bodies are curiously unique, and studies have shown that over time, women’s sleep patterns continuously change. As women become older, changes in their bodies and their hormone changes affect their quality of sleep. That is why women ultimately get their best sleep in their young adult years, and less deep sleep follows with older age.


With Less Sleep Women are at a Higher Risk of

Heart Disease

Less than six hours of sleep a night can contribute to the risk factors of chronic health conditions. This includes coronary heart disease. Women with less sleep had an increase in clotting factors, which leads to strokes.

Depression and Psychological Problems

With less sleep, research has found that women contain more anger and therefore, are more hostile in the early morning. They also found that women had more depression.

Inflammation Markers

Sleep deprived women also had higher inflammation markers, which develops health problems. There is a link between pain and inflammation markers, which Is why women feel more pain when they wake up in the morning.

What Can Affect a Woman’s Sleep

The Menstrual Cycle

There tends to be more wakening periods during the night when women are on the premenstrual period. They are in great discomfort with abdominal pains, food cravings, irritability, and emotional changes, and this annoyingly changes the way she sleeps. This causes women to become sleepy during the day and cause them to sleep more during this time.


During pregnancy, the woman’s body bears an excessive deal of stress. The quality of her sleep reduces immensely. They feel the need to sleep more at night, and feel they need more sleep during the day as well. There is an increase of her waking up more during the night, and there is a decrease of deep sleep during the night. This also continues when the baby is born. It becomes harder for the woman to find good sleep due to the baby’s sleeping and feeding schedule. If the woman never tends to get good rest, it can result to her gaining postpartum depression.


Sex hormone levels gradually changes in the aging woman, and directly impacts their sleep. With a decrease level of estrogen, hot flashes and sweats tend to wake the woman up a countless amount of times during the night. Along with feeling sweaty, she also develops the feeling of being worried. This can cause the woman to be woken up every hour in severe cases. This can definitelykeep the woman from deep sleep and feeling tired during the day.


During these years, women’s sleeping becomes lighter and broken up. It becomes harder to stay asleep at night and it becomes harder to stay awake during the day. This causes the woman to be extremely tired during the day. This is where sleeping disorders become involved. Due to the decreased levels of progesterone, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea start to occur.

Women also tend to lose more sleep, because they worry more about problems while trying to fall to sleep in bed. To feel more rested in the morning, women should get into the routine of regular exercise, a set routine of sleeping and waken times, limit the caffeine and alcohol intake, and design the environment of your room to fit your comfort. So when the morning approaches, you are ready to tackle the day fully rested.

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