Green Juice – the Life Regenerator

Juicing is now the newest trend in the community of healthy buffs. This green juice is made of pressed vegetables or fruits such as spinach celery, cucumber, ginger, sprouts and parsley. This drink is to be giving you the complete vitamins that your body needs. Juicing also gives you the chance to create your own recipes by choosing what fruit or vegetable to combine and then you just have to blend it. This is most of the time taken by the yoga and pilates enthusiasts, busy corporate individuals as well as the ones who wanted to have a slender body. But who are the people behind the green juice?


History or Origin of Green Juicing

Are you familiar with Dan the Man, How about with Jay the Juiceman? Have you ever heard of the short film Fat Sick and nearly dead? These are just the people who influenced a lot in engaging into Green Juice. Dan the Man also known as the “Life Regenerator is a detoxification specialist has already released over 1500 videos that is based on juicing, nutrition as well as detoxification. He provides advice and guidance on how to take care of your health the easiest and healthiest way since the year 1999. He has been an inspiration due to very informative videos and blogs.

Another first in the Green Juice community is Jay the Juiceman, he is known as the “Father of Juicing” from being a former star athlete to a health adviser, Jay also experience on having life-threatening illnesses at a young age and after being treated with cleansing diets, he then become an enthusiast in sharing how great the green juice diet and he’s been doing this since early 1980’s. He already has written a book sharing on how to live a life by the power of Juicing.

Lastly, there was a short film that was made last 2010 by Joe Cross titled as Fat sick and nearly dead, this short film emphasizes about an overweight individual and how he struggled about himself, it was also shown here that he brought himself a juicer making a pledge to just drink fresh fruit and vegetable while on the road so that he can achieve his goal of having a healthy life.

Benefits of Green Juice

Total cleansing is one the best benefits that Green juice can offer, this is the where your body can regenerate itself from all the toxins in the environment. Another advantage is you can lose the weight that you really wanted to eliminate a long time ago. The green juice can also give you a glow in your skin as well a improved metabolism and higher energy because of its vitamins that you can get from the pressed fruits and vegetables.

Most Famous Promoters of Green Juice in the USA

Many famous people are now engaged in drinking the green juice, most of them are models and popular Hollywood stars and one of them is Gwyneth Paltrow who is very open in promoting the health benefits of drinking the green juice. She also said that she has tried different diets but did not get the results that she wanted until she tried the green juice. It gave her the amount of energy that she needed improved her overall health. She is now making her own recipes of green juice. Another green juice fan is the Victoria Secret Model Rosie Huntington-Whitely who makes her own juice everyday and made it part of her diet to keep her body fit and healthy.

Precautions to Drinking Green Juice

You should be aware that there are also warnings that you need to consider before you start juicing such as:

  • You should still eat solid food together with your green juice to have a balanced diet.
  • Do not use purely fruit in your juice as this can be high in sugar.
  • You should drink the juice as soon as you make it so that you could consume the nutrients right away.
  • Do some regular exercise to make your body stronger.
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