List of Summer Friendly Foods for Diabetics

List of Summer Friendly Foods for Diabetic

If you think that taking healthy food is seasonal, well you are definitely wrong. Summer season might be too stressful but it actually has no difference with your required diet especially when you are diabetic. Your food list must always be updated and strictly followed whatever the season is.



Tomatoes are believed to be giving extra protection from the sun during extremely high temperatures. Their contents of carotenoid and lycopene are very healthy and are very good for diabetics since they are known to be non-starchy. Take it raw or prepared in salads, the benefits it can bring your body are of the same level. Its sour test is regarded to be giving a positive aspect in life. In addition, it satisfies our appetite and digestion and awakens consciousness.

Summer squash and eggplant

These are good options for diabetes because they are known to be helpful in regulating blood sugar levels. Summer squash contains Vitamin A, C, lutein and zeaxanthin while eggplants are high in fiber and low soluble carbohydrates.

Bell peppers

Bell peppers are known not only to be helpful in avoiding risks of diabetes. It is also very rich in Vitamin C, surprisingly more than the contents of oranges, and is loaded with essential minerals needed by the body. It may be yellow, red or green but any of your preference is a good choice in beating the summer heat.

Green tea and green beans

These green items are not only good antioxidants but are also helpful for diabetic patients in slowing down glucose absorption after a meal. These also make appropriate add-ons to your summer diet.


The name perfectly makes an ideal choice for the warm weather. Watermelon is known to be containing 90% water despite its sweet taste. However, its sweetness is still on a healthy level and it is very nutritious for someone with diabetes.


Cucumbers are nutritious from the skin, to the seeds then to the flesh. It helps in diabetes because it contains a hormone that is needed by the pancreas to produce insulin. In addition, it is perfect for summer either raw or prepared with salad to refresh your body.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are not only high in nutrients but since they are non-starchy, they are also giving assistance to controlling blood pressure. Spinach and kale are perfect examples that are highly advised to diabetic patients. With proper cooking time and preparation, kale can bring bountiful benefits to the body as it is also low in calorie. It can be steamed for not more than five minutes to keep its nutritional content or added to any kind of salad.

Other leafy vegetables like jeera, khesar and nutmeg have bitter taste but are really useful in controlling weight. It is an antioxidant also reason why it is a very good choice for diabetics.

Non fat milk and yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent choice in replacement of any summer beverage or snack that is high in calories and glucose. It also contains probiotics which obliges the body for a smooth digestion. Probiotics are also known to battle diseases, prevent constipation and boost the overall wellbeing of a person. Moreover, the sour taste of yogurt and other non fat milk have positive effect on digestion.

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