Mediterranean Diet – Add additional Years to your Lifeline

Have you been looking for a diet that will fit your lifestyle? Do you want to live a life that will give you an assurance that all the food that you intake are purely healthy? The Mediterranean Diet might be the long waited diet that you have been waiting for. The Mediterranean Diet was derived from the healthy eating plan that came from the recipes of people who do the Mediterranean – style cooking. Most of their food is added with the flavor of olive oil, this makes their food more distinct and well known. This diet includes plant based foods like fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and grains. They do not eat meat that often as well as not add any salt to their food; instead they use a variety of other spices that will make their food more flavorful.


Origin of Mediterranean Diet

Due to a lot of changes in the environment, different diet has also evolved. There are a lot of researches that has been done about the Mediterranean diet but the one who discovered it is Dr, Ancel Keys who studied that Mediterranean diet is an effective way to fight diseases. Back in 1950’s, Dr, Ancel keys made an observation that the reason for the healthy lifestyle of the people who lived during those time is mainly because of their diet. The food that they consume are mostly high is monosaturated fat like the olive oil, peanuts oil or avocados. They also include a one glass of red wine in their meal. Part of their diet is to also eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables as well as average consumption of seafood.

Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

Having the Mediterranean diet as part of your lifestyle can definitely give you a lot of benefits. This diet can make you lose weight and can add up additional years to your lifeline. This will also help you in protecting your memory clarity and thinking skills and prevent you from having Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits that you can get from this diet are the prevention of having any heart problem and it can also take you away from the risks of having diabetes. You can get all these benefits if you are making sure that you follow this diet, this is one of the easiest diet that you can be use in your lifestyle.

Most Popular Promoter of Mediterranean Diet in the US

There are now a lot of people who use this diet as their means to a healthy living and some of them are the famous people in the USA. Brooke Burke, a celebrity who is known as of the sexiest American actress and model uses Mediterranean diet to keep and improved her slim body and she takes this diet with a combination of regular exercise. Another famous icon that promotes this diet is the celebrity chef Rachel Ray; she is a fan of grilled fish, Greek salads as well as olive oil. Rachel Ray introduced a wide range of recipes that includes inspiration from her Mediterranean diet.

Precautions for Taking Mediterranean Diet

Knowing that there are a lot of benefits that you can get from the Mediterranean diet, you also need to be aware to take note of any precautions or warnings from this diet. Some people mentioned that they lose weight when they are observing Mediterranean diet but then some can experience weight gain due to excessive intake of fats, olive oil and nuts. So be very careful and count the calories that you take. Another thing is, you can be at risk of calcium deficiency due to not drinking or low intake of dairy products. Lastly, you may also experience deficiency in iron due to not eating or less intake of food that is rich in iron such as tofu and fish.

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