Mind-Body Therapy – Overcome Your Insomnia

Mind-Body therapy gives focus on how the mind connects with the body. It was believed that the use of mind and body connection can bring good benefits physically as well as mentally.


Different types of mind-body therapy that you could try

  • Acupressure – This is used to treat neck pain as well as the lower back pain. This is also known as an ancient technique just like acupuncture (just without the needles). This works to stimulate the body and increase your blood flow.
  • Aromatherapy – This is a therapy that is used to treat sleeping disorder, stress as well as depression. This is prepared with aroma essential oil which you can inhale that can make you feel more relaxed and calm.
  • Hydrotherapy – This is used to relieve pain, psoriasis as well as atopic dermatitis. This therapy works to detoxify the body and enhance the body’s immune system.
  • Massage – This is used to treat migraines, improve your sleep, and boost your immune system. Massage involves a great wellness not just for the mind but also for the body because the power of touch is said to be a form of relaxation.
  • Meditation – Meditation is used to reduce stress and making your mind be in a state of calm and focus way. Meditation can improve your memory, thoughts and attention to a specific thing.
  • Reflexology – This is a massage that targets the reflex points on your feet that is connected to your body systems and organs. This is also used to improve the blood flow in your body.
  • Salt Rooms – This is used to treat respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis and allergies.
  • Tai chi – This therapy is used to relieve pain, Parkinson disease and glucose control. This is a form of meditation that teaches you the importance of balance in achieving great connection between the mind and body.
  • Yoga – Yoga is used to eliminate stress, insomnia, mood disorders as well as relieves pain. Breathing is a big part when practicing yoga because this allows the body relax and strengthen the lungs. The different pose that yoga promotes is good for correcting your posture and relieving any lower back pain.

What is the history of mind-body connection?

According to early medical researchers, the mind is an important factor in treating the illnesses and diseases. It promotes great healing because of the positive energy that it spreads. 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates noted that the spiritual and moral aspects of healing can only occur if you add a consideration of attitude, influences from the environment as well as natural remedies. In 1960’s, the mind-body connections have become an important research topic. The proof of benefits that it has provided are said to be good and several mind-body related therapies are now being used in the whole world.

Most common uses of Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-Body therapy is commonly used to relieve various types of pain. It was said that it can manage the pain of arthritis, reduce migraine as well as relieve the lower back pain. This is also being used to cure insomnia to those who are having difficulties in getting the right sleep. Another use is to help you overcome stress as most of the time these therapies will ask you to relax and practice on being calm.

Also used for

Many may not be aware that mind-body therapies are also being used to determine if a person is ready to undergo a surgical procedure. Some patients are given audiotapes that they can listen to relaxing music and other mind-body techniques.

Precautions of Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-Body therapies are proven as good alternative in making both mind and body healthy. But be also aware that there will be precautions that you should always remember. Physical therapy like Tai chi and Qi gong should be done with the guide of your physician especially to those who are already in their old age because this can be risky and may develop health issues like back pain or other bone related health issue. Pregnant women are not allowed to take the Tai chi and Qi gong therapy because they can develop a severe osteoporosis. For the mind therapy like meditation, there is time that you may experience migraine or sleep disorder.

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