Scientific Research Found the Best Sexual Positions during Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones can make an alteration in women’s sexual needs and sexuality, by the time a pregnant woman experience progression in their pregnancy, the needs declined and affected the couple relationship, this was stated in a study that published in Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. The study found several factors that might become possible reason for a pregnant women to experience that, one of them is the fear of injuring the baby, even though if the couple knew the right sexual position then there is nothing to be worried of.

How was the study conducted?

Methodology that used was a cross-sectional with correlational study, the data was collected during the previous 4 weeks and before pregnancy using a self-report questionnaire that was came to a clinic in Northern Taiwan whom age were 20 to 40 years old and was diagnosed in their fifth week of pregnancy. The women are healthy with no sexual dysfunction nor even other severe pregnancy complications. For this study, participants (215 women) were conducted a questionnaire to review their sexual satisfaction during pregnancy.

What do the findings mean?

Several position in sexual relationship not only can make a refreshment for the couple, but also maintain a healthy relationship because it will support each other to find the best position and fulfill their sexual need. The most common style that a woman usually do is missionary, but along with the pregnancy, the harder that style to be applied. Therefore, a review of proper position in pregnancy and sexual relationship will help to guide and learn new step to maintain a healthy life.

According to this study, most women adopted sexual positions such as “man on top, face-to-face” (67.6%), “rear entry” (29.7%), and “woman on top, face-to-face” (26.1%). However, these percentages did not vary significantly by trimester of pregnancy, indicating that trimester was irrelevant to sexual position in Pregnancy.

The study results no difference in terms of characteristics between the pregnant women in all three semesters. These results were not different between all the pregnancies in all three semesters. But, the satisfaction itself scores lesser than the general sexual satisfaction before the pregnancy but not make any difference between the progresses of pregnancy. Therefore, even though pregnancy made the satisfaction decrease but it was not relevant with the pregnancy trimester progress.

There was difference in findings of this study compare than the previous studies that were published. Since the data in previous journals mention that the incidence of the woman on top positon were more frequent to be used rather than the man on top or lateral position. The difference in this study might be occurred since most Chinese women were known to have more conservative attitude. Therefore, women tends to make some adjustments in terms of sexual positions during pregnancy to relieve the role strain they experience between their maternal and sexual roles.

Study Source

Jian Tao Lee, Chao Ling Lin, Gwo Hwa Wan, and Ching Chung Liang. “Sexual positions and sexual satisfaction of pregnant women.” Journal of sex & marital therapy 36, no. 5 (2010): 408-420.


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