Treating Asthma in Babies

The treatment of babies for asthma is really difficult. Because their respiratory tract or airways are so small the symptoms may appear to be asthma and it is not. Some babies breathe with a wheezing or whistling sound when they expel air, due to a cold or flu. They may be allergic to some common allergens like dust, dust mites, pet dander or fur, or even some household aerosol sprays. Allergic reactions to these agents will cause the symptoms of asthma.

Treating Symptoms of Asthma in Babies

The doctor though unable to diagnose asthma will treat the symptoms that occur. They will be given drugs to treat the symptoms of asthma such as  reliever inhalers. These inhalers are generally blue in color and come with little or no side effects. Some side effects are excessive drowsiness, an increase in heartbeat and nervousness. Salbutamol inhalers are also one of the medicines used to treat the asthma symptoms. These reliever inhalers will relax the muscles of the  babies airways, thus allowing them to breathe.

To administer the drug from the inhaler, a spacer will be used. Babies are not able to use the inhaler as prescribed for the child or adult so they have to be helped in its use. The spacer with a hole in the bottom,  is placed over the nose and mouth of the baby; it kind of resembles a mask, then the inhaler is positioned in the hole and the automatically measured dose is dispensed so the baby can receive the drug. A mistlike emission is seen coming from the inhaler and released into the spacer. This is the drug that the baby needs to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

Treating Acute Symptoms of Asthma in Babies

If the asthma symptoms occur more than a few times per week, then you need to see the doctor again. Some symptoms that are more regular may need steroids to treat. These are little pink tablets called prednisolone and  are dissolvable; so as to allow the baby to take them. This will give the baby more effective relief from the inflammation in the chest, and it works a lot quicker than the inhaler. Your doctor will prescribe the drug for about three to five days or possible seven days; depending on the severity of the attack. The inhalers will also be a part of the treatment during the severe asthma attack so as to help in the relief of the symptoms.

When using the preventer inhalers you must wash the babies mouth with water to remove any residual traces of the drug. If this is not done the baby may develop sores in the mouth, and this will be an additional worry.

Asthma  can be a very disturbing disease in babies, but once the treatment is administered correctly it can be controlled. Some babies grow out the symptoms as they get older, and may even be able to participate in activities of sports when they get older. Asthma cannot be cured, it can be managed; so you need to ensure the baby is monitored and the drugs prescribed is administered correctly for effective treatment.

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