Essentials of Human Nutrition – 4th edition

Essentials of Human Nutrition 4th editionBook Review: Essentials of Human Nutrition offers a broad, quality survey of the field. Chapters written by international experts chart the involvement and impact of nutrition across different age groups and from the genetic to the community level. It draws together the wide spectrum of disciplines, from biochemistry to counselling, necessary to promote the practical application of nutritional science at the human level, providing everything a student needs to appreciate the increasingly recognized importance of nutrition to health and disease.

  1. Disentangles scientifically established nutrition principles from the morass of misinformation available in the public domain
  2. Data sets and extensive referencing ensure the content is firmly anchored in nutrition science
  3. Practical processes with which students need to be familiar, such as dietary assessment and food analysis, are covered

What’s new in this 4th edition ?

  1. New chapters on Genes and Nutrition and Sustainability of Food Supplies
  2. Enhanced coverage of the B vitamins and obesity
  3. Several new case studies on topics such as diabetes, trans fatty acids, and whether people really need to take extra vitamin C

Metadata of Essentials of Human Nutrition 4th edition

  • Author: Jim Mann, Stewart Truswell
  • Year : 2012
  • Title: Essentials of Human Nutrition
  • Place Published: Oxford, UK
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Number of Pages: 640
  • Edition: 4th
  • ISBN: 9780199566341
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